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UFOs in the daily Press:

The Vernon sighting, France, 1954:

This article was published in the newspaper Le Démocrate Vernonnais, Paris, France, on August 27, 1954.

Here is the case file on this sighting.

Still flying saucers in Vernon

In our issue for September 4, 1953, alone of all the Press, "Le Déocrate" announced the appearance of flying saucers in the sky of our town. Mr. Buch, policeman, his family, neighbors, ans passer-by's in Saint-Marcel, were witnesses of the facts.

One year, almost day for day, another of our fellow-citizens, Mr. J. M..., son of a tradesman of our city (he asked to keep anonymity to him), was the witness of similar facts in the night from Sunday to Monday.

But let us hear his say:

"Returning rather late from a travel, I had just parked my car close to the Bridge. It was approximately 1 hour of the morning. When closing again the door of the garage, I looked by chance in the direction of the Seine. The night was rather dark. I then saw very distinctly above the bridge a lengthened object of red color, resembling a large cigar, which hovered motionless at a rather low height and in uttermost total silence. Immediately, I saw a flying saucer to detach; which I can describe with precision. It had the shape of an oval disc, of dark color, surmounted by a red dome with a very shiny aureole, surrounded by flames. A flying saucer was detached from the cigar, fell to the vertical, then appeared to want to observe a level flight above the bridge; it veered, went up, and disappeared suddenly. It was replaced at once by another.

The last one particularly impressed me, because I had the impression that it was going to land on the bridge, so much it lost altitude. But it set out again suddenly like the preceding ones at a terrifying speed, in the direction of the North."

M. M..., qui avait déjà observé une soucoupe volante, mais en plein jour, il y a deux ans dans la région d'Evreux, a été le seul témoin (contrairement à ce qui a été dit), de cette incursion extraordinaire sur notre ville.

Mr. M..., whom had already observed a flying saucer, but in broad daylight, two years ago in the area of Evreux, was the only witness (contrary to what was told), of this extraordinary incursion on our city.

Beginnings of a terrifying science or not, will we have the key of the mystery some day?

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