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UFOs in the daily Press:

The 1954 French flap, Demuin and Boves sightings:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Le Courrier Picard, France, page 3, on October 5, 1954.


saw Sunday evening
a strange glow

Is this a new manifestation of the saucers?

Once again, the flying saucers are making the talhs. The time is right [?] since this autumn, each day brings us new testimonies on the presence of mysterious apparatuses in the Picardy sky.

[Photo caption:] Mrs. DHEILLY, on her doorstep, where she noticed the orange disc. Sitting on her left, Mr. QUIN.

This is how yesterday we were able to interview several people from the Bénigne-Bernard street, in Boves, who, Sunday evening, have, in the south-east of the locality, seen - at a short distance - a strange orange glow moving at a relatively slow speed. The craft - and a craft it was - which emitted this light, probably flew at very low altitude; perhaps it had even just taken off, after a short stop, from the surroundings of the soccer field.

But let's make it clear that this is a free guess and let's keep a cool head to examine the statements made to us.

It was exactly 8:30 p.m.. Mr. and Mrs. Dheilly, having spent some time with friends, were returning to their home on rue Bénigne-Bernard. While her husband searched the darkness for the keyhole, Mrs. Dheilly surveyed the surroundings without thinking of anything.

Suddenly she exclaimed: "that's quite a Moon!" She had just noticed an orange half disc (of a very strong hue) at the end of the street, the other quarter of the "apparition" being probably hidden by the gable of the house of Mr. Quin, carpenter, house located a few hundred meters away.

Her husband having pointed out to her that "there was no moon" these days, Mrs. Delhi stepped forward a few meters on the sidewalk. She had the impression for a moment that it could be a blind or a curtain inflated by the wind and which filtered by reflecting it, the electric light.

But no! this luminescence was strange, and then lo and behold the disc was moving spinning towards the wooded ridge located on the other side of the marshes.

"Do you want to bet it's a saucer?" Mrs. Dheilly called out to her husband, and the two of them walked over to the carpenter's house to point out the phenomenon.

Mr. and Mrs. Quin could thus also admire the orange disc which, seen through the trees, seemed to thin out and lengthen before disappearing.

This change in shape is nothing extraordinary, the appearance of an aircraft can vary infinitely depending on the angle at which it is presented. What we must remember is the color of the "apparition" and nothing else, because in the night, it was obviously impossible to distinguish the slightest dome or other detail of this kind. And moreover the witnesses all agree: it was not necessary to "add" to what they saw! An orange disc and nothing else.

As for Mr. Laurent Laporte, drink reseller at Fouencamps bridge, he too was surprised by the strangeness of the phenomenon:

"I immediately thought of a 'saucer', and not out of professional misrepresentation, he tells us. The strange glow reflected for a moment in the waters of the Avre and the ponds. No wonder that afterwards the fish deserted it!".

This word is excellent: it will be the end word... For the day, because it is quite obvious that this is only a short paragraph in the history of the flying saucers, those saucers that make the ones laugh and start to worry the others.

In any case, these new testimonies which - we must clarify - seems not to be doubted, do not yet provide any very specific elements.


We had just written the lines above, when we received the following information, which vividly confirms the statements of the Dheilly and Quin households.

The two residents of Demuin cited in this confirmation have undoubtedly had no contact with those of Boves. We are only told a slight difference in the shape of the craft. There we must [?] fairplay inasmuch [?] a glow which moves in the night, can give place to various optical interpretations.

So it is neither a "saucer" nor a "cigar" that Mr. and Mrs. Deslandes, farm workers in Demuin saw Sunday evening with a touch of fear, while they were returning from a walk. It was around 9:15 p.m., when the young couple noticed in the sky above the village, in the direction of Montdidier, a kind of "phosphorescent lampshade" which moved silently and seemed to want to land.

Frightened, Madame Deslandes hurried to her house, while the husband ran to alert a neighboring farmer. The two men, a few minutes later, had to face the facts. The mysterious craft had disappeared.

The good faith of the [?] of the adventure cannot be questioned. What was this silent "lampshade"?

We could not, in any case, not highlight this curious coincidence which testified to the trustworthiness of all.

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