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UFOs in the daily Press:

The 1954 French flap in the Press:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Le Courrier Picard, France, pages 1 et 6, le 12 octobre 1954.


Flying saucers
reported in Germany
in Egypt, Lebanon, Cameroon
and of course in France

Several people have, on the Saint-Laurent-les-Mâcon bridge, seen, above the Saône, a disc which disappeared after a short while. New fact: this disc was not shiny but dark.

A worker, Mr. Magnier, and truckers saw in Montluçon a luminous ball crossing the sky at high speed.

In Tourriers, 17 km from Angoulème, around thirty people saw in the night of 8-9 a "kind of cigar" who remained motionless at about forty meters above national road 10 for about twenty minutes. The craft, which had two fins, then decided to leave at a speed of around 250 to 300 km per h.

Mrs. Lebert, guardian of the Pont-Chapelle castle at La Ferté-Macé (Orne), observed in the middle of the afternoon, a mysterious craft in the sky. This craft, which resembled a rocket, rose silently vertically, leaving behind a slight white trail. It could be observed for several seconds and then disappeared quickly. A woman and children living in the local suburbs have also witnessed the phenomenon.

Also, Mr. Christian Couette, son of a plumber from Tesse-la-Madeleine, was riding a bicycle in the direction of Ranes, when near the Lande-Forêt pond, in the commune of Beauvain, he was overtaken by a strange luminous craft which, at high speed, grazed the treetops. The object, about 4 meters in diameter, had the shape of a fireball domed on the top. It could be observed for ten seconds

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(Continued from the first page)

In Egypt

ALEXANDRIA, October 11. -- Egypt in its turn enters the competition of flying saucers. At the start of Saturday night, several hundred residents of Alexandria reported the presence in the sky of a luminous object which seemed to change from red to orange, then to green and gray-blue. Officials of the meteorological service of the aerodrome of Alexandria alerted by telephone the observatory of Helouan, close to Cairo, asking that the phenomenon be photographed. However, it disappeared before the special telescope of the observatory could be prepared.

The observatory's deputy director, Azouz Ismail, told the press that it could be an aurora borealis. A magnetic storm had been observed for forty-eight hours, which would make the explanation likely.

In Lebanon

BEIRUT, October 11. -- The newspaper "L'Orient" reports this morning a statement by Mr. Max Favell, representative in Beirut of a German firm, who claims to have seen, Saturday at 10:15 p.m. (loc.), by the sea, a motionless craft in the sky, which emitted a whitish light.

Mr. Favell clarified that the spacecraft, which was a few meters from the ground, landed for a few seconds and then took off vertically, turning on itself and soon disappearing into the sky. The witness did not notice any trace on the ground at the place of landing of the craft.

Following the publication of this statement, a journalist, Mr. Abdelkarim revealed that he also saw the same day, but around 7 p.m., a kind of red ball moving in the sky and coming from the North. Mr. Abdelkarim, fearing that little credit would be given to his "vision", had not revealed it to anyone.

In Germany

BONN, October 11. -- A "flying saucer" was observed for about two minutes by thirteen members of a gliding school above the Ockstardt airfield, near Frankfurt.

The thirteen pilots and student pilots were watching the progress of a monitor when they saw appearing above the glider in flight, at an altitude of about three thousand meters, a "slightly swollen silver disc" which was moving in the slightest noise. The witnesses, including several former Luftwaffe aviators, are formal to declare that they cannot have been victims of an optical illusion.

In Cameroon

YAOUNDE, October 11. -- Several reliable people claim to have witnessed one of these phenomena called "flying saucer" last night.

These are Colonel Cauvin, director of the hygiene and prophylaxis services of Cameroon; Dr. Menu, chief physician of the Younde hospital; from MM. Dumont, director of security services for Cameroon; Po[?] R, adviser to the Territorial Assembly of Cameroon; Moreau, administrator, deputy mayor of Yaoundé, and their wives.

All these people, gathered at the head doctor of the Hospital's, were preparing to go to the cinema when they were intrigued by the attitude of the dog of the house which, suddenly, began to growl and bristle its hairs, Thinking that strangers were prowling near his home, Dr. Menu went outside and saw a bright object in the sky. He immediately called his guests, all of whom then declared that they had seen, almost vertically above the plateau where the hospital is located, a huge, brightly lit, motionless disc at an altitude of about 600 meters.

This "appearance" lasted fifteen seconds. The craft was very exactly in the shape of a mushroom whose people could not exactly assess the diameter, under which a cylinder very slightly swayed, the length equal to the diameter of the hat and also very bright.

Suddenly, the "saucer" headed east, and its volume seemed to decrease visibly. Then it stopped for a few seconds before quickly gaining altitude and disappearing.

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