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UFOs in the daily Press:

Saucer landing in Louhans, France, 1954:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Le Bien Public, France, on October 2-3, 1954.

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Always "them"


Louhans (C.P.). - Appearances of flying saucers become more and more frequent.

The region of the Louhannais in turn has just been visited by one of these machines. A trader in Louhans, Mr. Emile Nicolas, agent of the Terro cycles in this city, did not believe in "saucers" or machines of the same kind.

Working by habit rather by night than by day, Mr. Nicolas was trying a scooter on the road from Louhans to Bourg-en-Bresse in the night from Saturday to Sunday. Arrived at the entrance of the pont de la Barque, he turned and then mechanically gazed into the semi-dark sky: he distinctly perceived a blackish mass descending vertically and landing on the ground. Mr. Nicolas gave us the following version: "As I usually do when I try a machine, I went as far as the pont [bridge] de la Barque. On my left a very black mass that descended from the sky vertically and landed in a meadow between the Dijon-Bourges railway line and the road about fifty meters from me. I stopped immediately to better observe the device which, as soon as it was on the ground, let escape through two openings of oval shape, a light, yellowish but very strong. Nothing moved. I stayed watching for at least 10 minutes the craft which measured about eight meters wingspan, Whose base was very cylindrical while the top formed a slight curve. I could not get closer, but I had the idea to go get Mr. Rodot who was in my workshop. I turned on my engine and as I put it on at full throttle, the lights went out and the craft rose very quickly vertically. I returned to the place with Mr. Rodot but we saw nothing."

Fearful of being called a prankster, Mr. Nicolas had not spoken of his adventure to his entourage. It is only yesterday that he made mention of it when he saw in the Press the numerous testimonies brought on this matter.

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