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UFOs in the daily Press:

The 1954 French flap in the Press:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper La Voix du Nord, France, page 3, October 17, 1954.

See the case file.


Prohibited hunting

Where we can see
fire two cartridges
on a Martian

While Mr. Maurice Ruant, farmer in Sinceny (Aisne), was busy, at dusk, repairing his car in one of his fields, two shots from a hunting rifle were fired in his direction and some pellets fell on his vehicle.

Mr. Ruant, who thought he had been the victim of a stray bullet, certainly did not believe that one could mistake his modest person for some Martian on a special mission and even less his capricious car for one of those flying saucers who never know any breakdown.

However, that was the explanation for these shots.

Mr. Faisan, who had noticed the light projected in the field by the headlights, approached in the company of Mr. Bonneton to see what was going on, not far of them.

As implausible as it may seem, the two men had never seen flying saucers. Hence an unpleasant inferiority complex which they were anxious to get rid of. This time, finally, they held their saucer and what is more, their Martian who had to be brought home dead or alive.

And this is how, in good measure, Mr. Faisan fired two cartridges at the man of the planets.

The man of the planets filed a complaint and Mr. Faisan, for lack of Martien, will undoubtedly bring home a fine "from down here."

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