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UFOs in the daily Press:

Flying saucers in the 1954 French Press:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper La Résistance de l'Ouest, Nantes, France, page 2, on October 9, 1954.

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on the banks of the Loire
and I spoke with the occupant"

writes a reader who gives a detailed account of her conversation

Here is the surprising story we received from a reader of the conversation she had on the banks of the Loire, between the river and the saucer, with a character of beyond.

We put it into the debate by reference:

What I want to tell you is not taken from a science fiction novel. These are real events that occurred in front of me. You will probably think I'm an hallucined, because I too have seen a flying saucer, but I did not dream, strange as it may seem.

Until lately I did not believe in these unknown craft [illegible] in the sky. I too called eyewitnesses of these appearances fanciful. Yet the facts are there, I saw a flying saucer, and I spoke with the occupant. Here are the facts:

Last Monday, in the morning, I was riding a bicycle on the banks of the Loire. Suddenly, I heard myself called by a normal looking man, who stood in a grove near the road. Not paying attention to it the man repeated his call. I stopped and asked him what he wanted. He did not answer, but made a gesture for me to approach. Hesitantly I walked and it was then that I noticed the strange garb of man. He wore a sort of brown combination, boots and in the hand he was holding a kind of mask vaguely resembling a gas mask. He made me a sign to follow him to a nearby field. Surprised but curious I followed with some anxiety. I will never forget the moment when I saw a saucer, yes a flying saucer, posed in the field.

Literally frozen with fear, I tried to run away, but my legs did not respond, leaving me there, awestruck, like living a dream. My eyes went from the strange craft to the man standing beside me smiling mockingly. I began to doubt my reason, but I had to face the facts, I was not dreaming. Gradually I regained my composure, I detailed the craft placed in front of me. It was a translucent disc, ten meters in diameter and about two feet high. It was topped with a kind of transparent dome. A door was open on the surface, showing the inside of the apparatus. On the inner walls were all kinds of weird devices.

In the center was a circular table covered with knobs, buttons and lit green lamps. The craft rested on three retractable legs, like on airplanes. I noticed weird signs painted in black on the hull that were unlike any letter of languages or dialects of our world. At that moment, I had no doubt that I was in the presence of an extraterrestrial being. I turned to him in amazement. There he was, brown, tall and thin, smiling at me. And then he spoke to me in French, with a strange accent. He told me not to be scared, he did not want any harm. Imagine my amazement when he assured me h was coming from another world.

Amazed, I literally drank his words. He continued:

"Do not be surprised if I speak your language, our civilization is much more advanced than yours, it has powers that your kind could not imagine to exist.

"We are aware of all the conflicts that disrupt your earth and this is why for some time you see unknown craft roam in the sky. Tests on weapons you have trouble us. Our concern is for our peace and the duration of the solar system in which your planet and ours belong.

If another world war is declared, we would be there as observers. All attempts to destroy would be annihilated by means unknown to your scientists. We hope we will not have to act in your interest and ours."

This strange conversation ended with these words. He headed to the "saucer". I saw him puttin on a helmet looking like that of mine workers. He gesture to me and then entered the craft. The door closed by sliding silently and suddenly a pale yellow light illuminated the saucer. A kind of whistling sound came from openings around the hull.

It slowly rose vertically, like a helicopter, up to ten meters above the ground. Crutches disappeared then it moved slowly taking height and then faster and faster to soon reach a vertiginous speed. It soon disappeared from my view.

There are no words to describe the state of mind in which I was after this extraordinary occurrence. I told my strange adventure to my husband. At first he thought I was making fun of him, or that I had lost my mind. But as I repeated my claims his skepticism gradually disappeared and it was he who inspired me to write to you.

I, who did not believe in these stories of "hallucinated" I now say that there are other beings superior to us and who live in a different world. I repeat that I'm not crazy, I have my reason. I wish to remain anonymous to protect me from some inconveniences. What will the future that appears to us scary bring!

Editors' note - Note that this story is not without a rather striking resemblance to the script of the movie "The Day the Earth stoos still" by Robert Wise. Our correspondent may be a person who frequents the movie theaters.

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