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UFOs in the daily Press:

Flying saucers in the 1954 French Press:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper LA Résistance de l'Ouest, Nantes, France, on October 27, 1954.

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Visions in the night?

On some Sunday at the Profissais in Saint-Viaud, and these days, in the Gallégrais in Saint-Père-en Retz, two Martian visions occurred, and it does not take longer to trigger the round of the saucers in the sky of Paimboeuf. What will become of us if astral reconnaissance multiply in our airspace?

But we can not doubt the testimony of this brave worker employed by a wine merchant, of calm and thoughtful mind, who, one evening, joining St-Père-en-Retz, followed the Paimboeuf-Saint-Viaud road and suddenly saw at the end of the marsh on the edge of the Gallégrais, a saucer resting on the grass at some distance. Surprised, legs shaking, wide eyes, he could not believe the reality. At least, he is adamant about it, no Martian trod our earth around the craft.

Suddenly, the saucer began to launch small green flames, making this part of the marsh already in the twilight of the day look sinister, and accompanied by a soft purr, it rose slowly, surrounded by a halo going through all the colors of the spectrum, and soon all disappeared on the horizon.

Pressing down the pedals, Louis was soon in Saint-Viaud. At the nearest pub, he stopped to recover from his emotions. The confirmation of his vision was given to him by a worker of the Kuhlman factory who was going along the Paimboeuf-Saint-Viaud road and had seen the mysterious craft rise above the Gallégrais. A woman in the Pierre-Jubau street later also corroborated the fact.

Is it hallucination, mass psychosis? The thing is puzzling. Will we one day prove the materialization of these craft?

The question is asked, let's wish for the peace of mind of the Paiboeuf residents that it does not stay unanswered too long.

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