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UFOs in the daily Press:

French flying saucer in 1954:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper L'Alsace, France, On October 12, 1954.


The "flying saucers" widen their sphere of activity considerably

Paris, October 11. -- Many flying machines continue to appear in the sky of France and of detailed reports arrive from just about everywhere, without even observing the Sunday rest, quite to the contrary.

But our country does not have the monopoly of these curious phenomena. Those occur also elsewhere in Europe and Africa, as one can judge from the by following information.

Close to Francfort. A "flying saucer" was observed during approximately two minutes by 13 members of a sailplane school, above the Ockstadt airfield.

The 13 pilots and pupil-pilots followed with their eyes the maneuvers of an instructor, when they saw appearing above the sailplane in flight, at three thousand meters of altitude approximately, a "slightly reinflated silver disc", which moved without the least noise. The witnesses among whom were several former Luftwaffe airmen, are formal to state that they could not have been victims of an optical illusion.

Exhibition in Cameroun for a group of VIPs

Yaoundé, October 11. -- Several people worthy of faith affirm to have been, yesterday evening, the witnesses of one of these phenomena which one calls "flying saucer".

These are colonel Cauvin, director of the services of hygiene and disease prevention of Cameroun, Dr. Menu, head doctor of the hospital of Yaounde, Misters Dumont, director of the security services of Cameroun, Poilleux, counsellor of the territorial Assembly of Cameroun, Moreau, administrator, assistant mayor of Yaoundé, and their wives.

All these people, gathered at the head doctor of the hospital's, prepared to go to the movies, when they were puzzled by the attitude of the house dog who, suddenly, started to grunt and had its hair standing up. Thinking that foreigners were on the prowl around his home, Dr. Menu went outside and saw, in the sky, a brilliant object. He immediately called his guests, who all, then stated to have seen, almost at the vertical of the plate where the hospital is located, an enormous violently illuminated disc, motionless at an altitude of approximately 600 meters.

This "appearance" lasted fifteen seconds. The machine had very exactly the shape of a mushroom, whose people present could not exact-

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"Flying saucers"

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ly evaluate the diameter - under which a cylinder of a length equal to the diameter of the hat and also very illuminated was very slightly swinging.

Suddenly, the "saucer" took the direction of the east and its volume seemed to decrease at eye sight. Then it immobilized during a few seconds before taking altitude quickly and disappearing.

In Egypt

Alexandria, October 11. -- Egypt in its turn enters the competition of the flying saucers. At the beginning of the night of Saturday, several hundreds of residents of the town of Alexandria reported the presence in the sky of a luminous object which appeared to move while changing from the red to orange, then to the green and the blue gray.

The officials of the weather service of the Alexandria airfield alerted by telephone the observatory of Helouan, close to Cairo, asking that the phenomenon be photographed. However, the latter disappeared before the special glasses of the observatory could be prepared.

The sub-manager of the observatory, Mr. Azouz Ismail, told the press that it could be an aurora borealis. A magnetic storm, indeed, was observed since fourty eight hours, which would make the explanation probable.

In Lebanon

Beirut, October 11. -- The newspaper "L'Orient" reports this morning a statement by Mr. Max Favell, representative in Beirut of a German firm, who claims he saw on Saturday at 10:15 p.m. (local), at the seaside, a motionless machine in the sky which emitted a whitish light.

Mr. Favell specified that the craft which was within a few meters of the ground landed for a few seconds then took off vertically while rotating to soon disappear in the sky. The witness did not notice any trace on the ground at the place of the landing of the machine.

Following the publication of this statement, a journalist, Mr. Abdelkarim, revealed that he had also seen the same day but towards 7 p.m., a kind of ball of red color moving in the sky and coming from the north. Mr. Abdelkarim fearing that he gets little credit to his "vision" had not revealed it to anybody.

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