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UFOs in the daily Press:

Eugenio Douglas' CE3, 1963:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper La LibertÚ de l'Est, Epinal, France, on October 21, 1963.

An Argentine truck driver:
"I had a strange encounter."

Cordoba (Argentina). -- Three strange beings, like robots, were seen by a truck driver on a deserted road in Argentina. That's at least according to the victim of this curious mishap who came to tell the police of Monte Maiz the circumstances of the meeting.

At the wheel of his truck, Ernesto Douglas [Eugenio Douglas, actually] drove at night under a severe thunderstorm, from Monte Maiz to Isla Verde (province of Cordoba) when he was suddenly blinded by a bright white light that enveloped the vehicle from all sides and traveled on the same route. Douglas felt at the same time a facial burn. He braked, but the truck skidded off the road and he was then in the presence of three strange beings looking like robots, near them was an oval shaped craft equipped with portholes and emitting a bright light. Distraught, he took his gun and fired four bullets at the mysterious beings. They fled and took refuge in their "space vehicle"; which they started. On several occasions they flew above Douglas and each time he felt burns all over his body. Exhausted, with ragged clothes, Douglas arrived at the police station in Monte Maiz where he underwent a medical examination. The doctor said the burns of the triuck driver had the appearance of "strange injuries" for which he was unable to determine a cause. He assured that the victim was perfectly "sane".

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