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UFOs in the daily Press:

The 1954 French flap in the Press:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper La Croix, Paris, France, page 2, on October 13, 1954.


Saucers, cigars, etc.

Near Munster, four
were repairing their "apparatus"...

Mr. Hoge, cinema operator, saw on Saturday evening, near Munster, four men coming out of a flying saucer.

These men, 1.20 meters, had a strongly developed torso and a large head. In contrast, their lower limbs were short and lean.

Mr. Hoge was on his way home when he saw a bluish light in a field, sixty meters from the road. At first he thought it was a crashed plane. Then he noticed that the light was coming from an object in the shape of a cigar. Four men, in rubber suits, were working under the craft. None of them said a word.

Hoge watched them work for ten minutes, not approaching, because he was afraid. Finally, the four men entered the cigar which, a few meters after taking off, took the shape of a saucer projecting a dazzling light.

On the island of Oléron
"Martian girls" give

A colonial teacher, currently on leave in the island of Oléron, claims to have met two pretty "Martian girls" measuring about 1.70 meters., in boots, gloves and helmets of leather. The two "Martians" grabbed Mr. Martin's pen and traced incomprehensible signs on his notebook. Mr. Martin keeps this manuscript in a safe place.

A "cigar" takes off in
a street in Bompas

During the night from Saturday to Sunday, a baker from Bompas (Pyrénées-Orientales) Mr. Sebelli, saw, posed in a street of this village, a cigar-shaped object about two meters in length, surrounded by iridescent lights. Mr. Sebelli woke up neighbors who witnessed the rapid departure of the craft.

On the other hand, three young hunters saw Monday above Gaillac (Aveyron), moving at a high altitude, a cigar-shaped object which flew in a series of big "s" in the sky.

Each maneuver was accompanied by a noise comparable to a jet of pressurized steam. The craft suddenly disappeared heading North.

A barrel in a meadow

Having seen a light in a pasture, two young girls from Heimersdorf, Anny and Roselyne Pracht, aged 22 and 18, approached, thinking it was a fire started by a shepherd. They then saw, they claim, a craft of a height of about 2 meters. As they approached, the barrel-shaped craft turned incandescent red, rose into the air and disappeared over the horizon. The same phenomenon was observed by two other people.

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