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UFOs in the daily Press:

Flying saucer in Dole, France, August 1954:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper La Bourgogne Républicaine, France, on August 14, 1954.

See the case file here.

A flying saucer on Dole?

Dole. (Our Press Correspondent.) -- Wednesday evening, Mr. Pardon, owner of the cafe of the Market, Carondelet Street in Dole, had gone to bed at the usual time. His room overlooks the rooftops and meadows that surround the Doubs and the Charles Quint canal.

At 6:48 a.m., Thursday morning, he awoke suddenly: it seemed to him that he had seen a light, transmitted by the glass that was open in the window of his bedroom.

He stood up and remained fascinated by the spectacle that was offered to him: a brilliant disk, much larger than the moon, moved slowly in the sky crowded of barely sketched clouds. Mr. Pardon woke up his wife, and both contemplated the still unexplained phenomenon.

The disc constantly changed color: it went from the blue to the bright white, of such intensity that, according to the testimony that was made to us, the couple were forced to look away. At this time, the disc was surrounded by a red halo. From time to time (and probably under the influence of some refraction, the disc changed shape and took an oval shape, like, we are told, a rugby ball.

Mrs. Pardon, who was watching, her too, with great acuity, had the impression that this disc was turning quickly on itself. It was moving slowly to the right, and soon it was no longer visible, because it was hidden by rooftops. Mr. Pardon also mentioned in its observation made extremely careful by the absolute silence that reigned over the sleeping city, a perfectly perceptible hum, and that clearly came from the mysterious craft.

The sighting lasted ten minutes, and lasted as long as the craft was visible. Let us repeat that there is no mistaking: the clouds were very low, similar to a smoke, the witnesses told us, and secondly, the moon was not present at all in the observed direction. Perhaps, other people noticed the presence of the machine in question, and it is important that they also bring their testimony to the great unsolved problem of the flying saucers and mysterious machines that daily crisscross the atmosphere.

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