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UFOs in the daily Press:

The 1954 French flap in the Press:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper L'Abeille de la Ternoise, Saint-Pol-sur-Ternoise, Pas-de-Calais, France, page 1, on October 16, 1954.



- Big fuss the other day between Pierremont, Fleury and Libessart...

In the fields, cultivators returning home suddenly saw a bizarre craft, of a light gray tint, from which emerged a strange individual emitting red gleams. Curiously enough, the craft seemed to be in trouble and literally splashing around in the ground. One did not alert the gendarmerie brigade, retained by the arrival of a Martian at the Trocadéro in Saint-Pol, but the brave men of the country set out and ended up finding that it was simply the 2 CV van of an electrician from Saint-Pol, carrying on its flanks the famous red corsairs "with nutcracker chin" who will be the heroes of the Marine ball this Saturday. Nevertheless, the story made a fuss, because many people certified in good faith that it was a saucer.

- Let's talk, if necessary, of the Martian at the Hôtel du Trocadéro that our colleague La Voix du Nord featured on Tuesday (15 days late...). If it is true that a hotel form was filled out in the name of an interplanetary being, let us specify that it was not at all not a St-Polais "very pained" nor even "pained" quite simply. In fact, in life, you have to help each other and the St-Polais who lent his pen to the Martian only did him the same service as another St-Polais was happy to get in Spain and the summer last, in a country whose language he did not know well.

To close on a practical note, let's add that the friendly director of the Trocadéro, who, whatever has been said, is not "distraight", said Wednesday morning in a hotel in the same district as the Martian in question was at home for another eight days. We will therefore have the opportunity to review it.

- The Commune of Azincourt, famous for the battle which, as the other says, bears its name, had its hour of glory (in the present century), because a saucer flew over it two years ago. The Interplanetary, we remember, had been attracted by the brochure of the St-Paul tourism office who cited this town. Propaganda, decidedly, pays. Indeed, at the last census Azincourt had 20 more inhabitants. Long live advertising! In l'Abeille, of course.

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