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UFOs in the daily Press:

Aeroplane spotted in Superior and Duluth, USA, 1916:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Journal-News, of Racine, Wisconsin, USA, March 3, 1916.

These events entered the ufology literature, including a close encounter of the third kind. See the case file here.

Superior Still Claims to Have Seen Aeroplane

SUPERIOR, Wis., March 3. –- Employees at the Great Northern Ore docks and at the Carnegie coal dock on Thursday continued to insist that they had really seen an aeroplane and many Superior residents are unwilling to believe that toy balloons explain the mysterious object seen soaring over the city. They called attention to the fact that the machine disappeared in the west. According to official records of the weather department, this would have been impossible had the object been a toy balloon, as the wind was from that direction and blowing a stiff gale, too.

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