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UFOs in the daily Press:

Saucers and cigars in France, 1954:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper France-Soir, Paris, France, le 9 octobre 1954.



Three mysterious craft landed on the railroad tracks in the Aube

TROYES, October 8 ("France-soir" news brief).

Would the Martians consider that the railways of our country constitute for their mysterious craft an ideal landing strip? One might think so. For it is again on the railway tracks, in Saint-Etienne-sous-Barbuise (Aube) that Marcel Guyot, 45, and his son Jacques, 21, said they saw yesterday a saucer and two flying cigars.

"It was about 7:30 p.m. and I was riding my bicycle home, said Mr. Marcel Guyot, when, when passing the railway crossing that cuts the road to Arcis-sur-Aube, I suddenly saw, lying on the railway, three machines that emitted a violent white light. Surprised, at the time, I continued my way, and it was a little later that I understood that it was flying saucers, but I did not dare to go back.

Mr. Jacques Guyot, who went to the same place a few minutes after his father, confirmed the statements of the latter, even bringing clarifications:

"One of the machines," he said, "was round like a saucer, while the other two were elongated like cigars.

The news made a sensation in the Aube, for it is the first time that such machines have trodden the ground of the department. And, gosh! People were beginning to worry.

Petrifying rays, flying eggs throughout France

  • A PETRIFYING RAY of green color nailed to the ground, near Le Mans, on the National Road Le Mans - Paris, workers of the Régie Renault next to whom a saucer had landed.
  • STARS AS LARGE AS THE MOON were seen by two people. This happened in Ballon (the Sarthe).
  • A FLYING EGG was seen in Lavenay (the Sarthe) by Mr. Maurice Burge and several witnesses.
  • A WEATHER TECHNICIAN from the station of Arnage (the Sarthe) saw in the sky two dark red glows moving without smoke. He is going to write a report.
  • A RED DISC was seen at Les Aubiers (the Deux-Sèvres) by Mrs Bremand, Couturie and Girard and by Mr. Camille Blain, city councilman of Bressuire.
  • AT CHALETTE (THE LOIRET), an employee of the Barnaud company saw a luminous apparatus of oval shape moving in the sky.
  • A BIZARRE OBJECT rose in the sky at very fast pace in Dordives (the Loiret).
  • A BRIGHT RED SAUCER was seen on Monday evening around 9:00 p.m, above Vanves (the Seine), by Mr. Baldochi, professor of mathematics. The object moved slowly in the east-west direction and suddenly rose vertically and disappeared.
  • A BRIGHT CIGAR with two discs at its lower part was seen at Corbigny (the Nièvre).
  • LUMINOUS GLOBES were seen by two traders of Saint-Bihy (the Côtes-du-Nord). Consumers of a drinking establishment observed the same phenomenon.
  • A small pile of ash was discovered in Puymoyen (the Charente), where the young Claude Bourneix, 17, had seen an orange disk fall into a field.

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