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UFOs in the daily Press:


The article below was published in the national newspaper France-Soir, Paris, France, on October 30, 1954.

In Moussey (the Vosges) the saucer soiled grass and left prints

MOUSSEY (from our correspondent). -- Yesterday morning, in Moussey (the Vosges), the young Cuvillier, 13 years old, accompanied by his headmaster, came to state to the gendarmerie that he had seen, the day before, around 20 hours, a machine of the flying saucer kind.

Coming out of his house to make his barking puppy come in, he saw in the meadow, within 25 meters from there, a machine of round and flattened form. Surprised, he lay down in the grass and states to have heard, in the apparatus, like a regular noise of large clock. Then, frightened, he returned home running from there, alerts his mom whom he begged to believe him and to come to see. Agreeing, the mom came out and saw a red gleam at the site the child showed her. Worried, Mrs. Cuvillier went to warn neighbors, but upon returning, the machine had disappeared.

On the spot, traces were found: three prints like round feet of the size of a large egg, had remained marked and at equal distance wich each other. The grass which was under the apparatus was soiled with a black smoke. No living being was seen in the machine.

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