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UFOs in the daily Press:

Flying saucers in the 1954 French Press:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper France-Soir, Paris, France, le 24-25 octobre 1954.

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SAUCERS (continued)

Near St-Dié

A "Martian" comes out of a plate, talks Russian to a worker and threatens him with a revolver...

EPINAL, October 23 ("France-Soir" telegram).

A worker from a materials company, Mr. Ujvari, 40-year-old, residing at Saint-Rémy, near St. Dié, former legionnaire, met the other night at the edge of a wood an individual dressed in an outfit and wearing a motorcycle helmet standing next to a machine 2 or 3 meters in diameter in the form of two plates glued together.

The worker, who is of Czech origin, called out to the man and was surprised to hear him answer in Russian.

But the "Martian" was not in the mood to continue the conversation. Revolver in hand, he "escorted" the worker to a distance. A few minutes later, Mr. Ujari heard a whistling sound and saw the craft that went back into the sky almost vertically.

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