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UFOs in the daily Press:

The Beaucourt-sur-l'Ancre case, 1957:

This article was published in the daily newspaper France-Soir, Paris, France, on May 14, 1957.

The "Flying Saucer" of Beaucourt-sur-l'Ancre divides the village into two factions

A scene worthy of the most hallucinating science-fiction occurred in a village of the Somme, where six people claim they saw four strange little beings, one of whom was flashing a blinding light over the countryside, at the same time as a luminous ball appeared.

This happened last Friday-Saturday night between 10:45 and 11:15 p.m., hardly a hundred meters from the railway station at Beaucourt-sur-l'Ancre. It is a workman, Mr. Michel Fekete, a Hungary refugee, who, passing on the road, was "attacked" by the "Martians" and gave alarm to five people.

- When Mr. Fekete, they state, had called us, we clearly saw on the road, at a hundred meters from us, three or four small men dressed in gray who were agitated, lighted by the luminosity emerging from a machine which projected rays, sometimes red, sometimes white.

- A that hour, claim on their side Mr. and Mrs. Chatelain, our daughter made a round for the cattle in the fields, at the very place where the Martians allegedly appeared. She carried to light her way a large storm lamp...


[Photo 1:] Mrs. LEPOT, aged 27, mother of three children: "I was looking after my sick young daughter when I heard Mr. Fekete, who shouted outside: "Quick, come see this... I have been just been attacked..." I went outside and I saw a formidable light..."

[Photo 2:] Mr. LEPOT, aged 30, roadmender at the S.N.C.F., was at his home. After having turned off the light, he came out on the threshold: "I very clearly saw a luminous ball from where escaped red and yellow rays. The apparatus moved slowly; it was large like this... A little later, I distinguished the silhouettes of three small men who stayed for nearly twenty minutes, going and coming in the field and on the road."

Mrs. IKHLEF, aged 26 years, lives on the road within 100 meters of the "appearance." She was with her husband, at Mr. Lepot's: "We are laughed about in the village, but I understand that. Me neither, before, I did not believe in the flying saucers."

[Photo 4:] Mr. CHATELAIN, farmer, who was in the fields: "I have to laugh, the flying saucer, it was the hand lantern of my daughter."

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