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UFOs in the daily Press:

Flying saucers in the 1954 French Press:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Feuille d'Avis, de Neuchatel, Suisse, le 30 août 1954.


The autumn sky fills with fog and mystery!

"Flying saucers exist"
states a scientist in France
...and he describes the craft

Meanwhile, a news appearance is told in detail by a Frenchman and we still ignore whether the two Norvegian girls offered blueberries to a Martian

Mr. Henri Coanda, scientist of international reputation, who currently devotes to experiments on solar energy, in La Londe, village of the Provence, between Toulon and Lavandou, believes in the existence of the flying saucers. With a Marseilles journalist who came to interview him, he even specified that machines of this kind had been built and tested by the means of the radio control, writes our fellow-member "France-Soir".

"These craft, he told the journalist, had animals as passengers. The first saucers brought them back dead but, thereafter, other animals returned alive."

At the question: "Were you informed of experiments made with human passengers?", Mr. Henri Coanda answered: "No, but some nations could succeed in putting pilots in these apparatuses. If it is not done yet, the thing will be realizable in one or two years."

No mystery

Here besides is the essence of Mr. Coanda's statements:

— Nothing is mysterious in the appearance of the flying saucers who do not come from any other planet but ours. It is quite simply lenticular aerodynes, scientific name of what you call the flying saucers. Take a 5 FR coin between the thumb and the big finger, put it at two or three centimetres above a piece of paper. If you blow on the coin, you will see the paper rise. Thus, if by some unspecified means one creates a rather powerful blow under a disc, the disc will rise and remain motionless in the airs. The draught thus moved goes on the right-hand side and on the left-hand side. Direct it it thanks to a suitable piping system (there are 180 pipes on my model of saucer), on the side of this disc, and prevent it to leave on this side. The saucer will move to a speed taht can reach 100O meters per second. For the moment, one did not exceed this prodigious speed which is about 3600 kilometer-hour.

Let us add that Mr. Henri Coanda, scientist of Rumanian extraction, settled in France, is a specialist in the aeronautical questions.

A "cigar" gives birth to several "saucers" above Vernon!

The special correspondent of the "Figaro", on the other end, was able to interview a resident of Vernon, in France, who described to him in these terms the fairy-like spectacle he would have seen:

— Last Monday, around one hour and half of the morning, I had just parked my car in the garage (which is near the quay of the Seine), when, looking up, I was dazzled by a kind of large shining and motionless cigar... After a few seconds, a saucer was detached from the cigar, was placed in a driving position, dove in my direction. It was surrounded by an incandescent halation. After having immobilized itself while putting itself at the horizontal, it suddenly moved away at an extraordinary speed to be lost in the night. Hardly had it disappeared that another showed under the same conditions, as well as a third, a fourth and a fifth. It is this last one that caused the strongest impression to me. It came definitely lower than the preceding ones and had stopped one moment above the new bridge as if it sought a target. At the time when it was at its lowest altitude, I clearly distinguished that it was red and black on the edges, this contrasted with the very fiery halation. Not the least noise was heard.

In its turn, it disappeared at a fantastic pace towards the north, from where it came. The cigar had already disappeared long ago. I do not have any idea of the dimensions of these objects nor of the altitude at which they could have where maneuvered. All had lasted approximately three quarters of hour.

In Norway:
saucer or not sucer?

We had reported the statement of two young Norwegian women claiming to have been disturbed, in the middle of bluberry picking, by the landing of a flying saucer piloted by an extremely courteous "Martian".

The Norwegian newspaper "Attenposten" had announced that the American pilot Baily Faurot had confirmed, at the time of its passage in Oslo, to have met, in the area of Mosjoeen, the two people having mitaken his helicopter for a "flying saucer" and himself for an inhabitant of Mars.

But the two Norwegian young people maintain their statement. And those all the more find credit as the U.S. helicopter pilot Baily Faurot denies having landed at the place where the girls were.

"No helicopter," said on its side a senior police officer, after having examined the clearing, "could have landed there."

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