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UFOs in the daily Press:


The article below was published in the daily newspaper L'Est Républicain, France, on October 21, 1954.


It was however only a malicious imitation...

Terrified in front of a "saucer" the motorcyclist abandons his wife to the "Martians"

DOMPAIRE, (from our correspondent). -- We are in B..., small locality of the canton of Dompaire (the Vosges), located at a few hundreds meters of the national road. Jolly fellows (among those, it is said, is a respectable and respected notability) decided to have a laugh with few expenses.

Beets are emptied and of small windows will let pass the wavering light of the candles which are lit inside, to the need a color paper will give red and orange tones. An old cloth, four stakes and here are our men ready with the experiment which they want to try.

At a hundred meters of the national road, in a park well in sight, the four stakes are planted, the old cloth placed above. From a distance, the effect is seizing and our accomplices hide behind a bush, except one. The latter remains well in sight on the main road and, at the end of a short while, has the luck to to stop a motorcylcist having his wife as passenger.

All trembling, our hero shows to the motorcyclists the so-called saucer and, with much passion, asks them if they would accompany him to B... where, by another way, they will be able to reach the main road again. "You see, he tells them, I am forced to pass at less than twenty meters of this saucer and it seems to me that it is occupied." At this time, indeed, small shades are moving under the cloth and imagination helping, our motorcyclists believe they are at a hundred meters of Martians as tall as they are broad.

An unreasoned fear seizes then the motorcyclist who, until this moment, had appeared skeptical. Suddenly, he climbs on his motor bike, starts and flees without taking care of his spouse which yells of terror while next to them, behind the bush, laughter burst more and and more.

Recalled to reality, the motorcyclist returns to get his wife and understands...

Looking embarrassed, what can he do, if not to laugh? As of Madam, she had all the time to realize of the courage of her husband inasmuch as the latter had taken the time to tell her his 1939-1945 war exploits...

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