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UFOs in the daily Press:

Flying saucer over Strasbourg, 1952:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Les Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace, Strasbourg issue, France, on July 31, 1952.

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A flying saucer was spotted in the sky of Strasbourg

From all sides, from the most remote corners of the globe, flying saucers threw disorder in newsrooms and in nightclubs. A few days ago, we even reported the presence of one of them in the area of Selestat. So this was true! Strasbourg residents were beginning to be jealous, and we must say that in the cycle of apparitions, the European capital was not favored. But we can now raise our heads, swagger and a make knowingly nods to all the reports still arriving: we too have had our own, no later than Sunday evening, shortly before midnight. One of our readers of the Neuhof, absolutely trustworthy, had, in fact, the chance to see these mysterious craft that hit the headlines worldwide. With a sketch in support, he was kind enough to send us the detailed and circumstantial narrative which we are committed to publish and happy to give the most salient passages.

"The disc came to me suddenly, like emerging from the depths of where at the moment the sun is located at noonday, it followed a flat trajectory from East to West for six seconds, then disappeared behind a small cloud; of which it did not come out, this suggesting that it had left the same way he came there, that is to say at a fantastic speed. The craft seemed to evolve at an altitude of 12,000 to 15,000 meters, at a speed of 13,000 km/hour..." By the admission of our correspondent, the stunning accuracy of these figures is due to his great habit of assessment of altitudes that his Combat Aviation technique allowed him to acquire. However, he believes that his modest appreciations have a purely approximate aspect, what we believe on parole.

As for the brightness, it does not differ from that which was noted in other cases, that is to say that the "saucer" was of a white glow, slightly orange, a little less bright than lunar clarity, and made no sound.

So, added to the already voluminous file of past - and future - appearances, the flying saucer seen in Strasbourg by a Strasbourg resident. Everyone is free to interpret the appearance at will; which does not diminish the authentic reliability of our reader's witness.

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