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UFOs in the Press:

The French 1954 saucer flap in the daily Press:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper The Daily Times, New Philadelphia, Ohio, USA, on page 6, on October 18, 1954.


Scares Passenger In Flying Saucer

PERPIGNAN, France (INS) -- A retired French customs official reported today he saw a flying saucer land and a tall man dressed in "a diver's suit" step out. Agence France Presse said Damien Sigueres, 56, described the "saucer" as a large red sphere. He added that the occupant jumped back into his craft and took off rapidly, but noiselessly, when he saw Sigueres's two dogs.

Flying Saucer Is Sighted in Bangkok

BANGKOK (INS) -- Thailand - which has been feeling ignored by interplanetary visitors - heaved a sigh of relief today after a flying saucer was sighted over Bangkok.

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