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UFOs in the daily Press:


The article below was published in the daily newspaper Daily Star, of Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, page 6, September 27, 1954.

Blue Rain, Flying Disc In Kirkland District

KIRKLAND LAKE (CP) - A provincial police constable patrolling Highway 11 at Ramore, 25 miles north of here, said he saw an elliptical object Friday night, flying at 1,000 feet and emitting an intense white light.

Constable Florian Grabowski said it was moving slowly northward over the railroad tracks.

"Suddenly, as I was stopping the car to get out and see if I could hear any sound, it disintegrated in a shower of light particles which fell over the tracks."

At about the same time, blue rain fell in Kirkland Lake. William Martin said he noticed large blue drops on his window during a heavy rain. In 15 minutes, they faded gradually and finally became clear, he said.

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