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UFOs in the daily Press:

The Vernon sighting in the Press, France, 1954:

This article was published in the newspaper Centre-Eclair, France, on August 27, 1954.

Here is the case file on this sighting.


A journalist of "Le Figaro", Mr. André Larcher, went to interview a resident of Vernon (the Eure) whom thus reports how he saw flying saucers being detached from a "brilliant cigar".

Last Monday, he specified, I had just garaged my car in the garage (which is near the quay of the Seine) when, raising the head, I was dazzeld by a kind of large cigar shining and motionless... At the end of a few seconds, a saucer was detached from the cigar, being placed in a vertical position, sank in my direction. It was surrounded of an incandescent halation. After having immobilized itself while taking an horizontal position, it suddenly moved away at an extraordinary speed, to get lost in the night. Hardly had it disappeared, that another came under the same conditions, as well as a third, a fourth and a fifth. It is this one which caused me the strongest impression. It descended definitely lower than the preceding ones and had stopped one moment above the new bridge as if it sought a target. At the time when it was at its lower altitude, I clearly distinguished that it was red in the center and black on the edges, which sliced with the very burning halation. No noise at all was heard.

In its turn, it disappeared at a fantastic pace towards the north from where it came. As for the cigar, it had disappeared long ago. I do not have any idea of the dimensions which these objects nor of the altitude where they had evolved. All had lasted approximately three quarters of an hour.

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