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UFOs in the daily Press:

French saucers in 1954:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Bridgeton Evening News, of Bridgeton, New Jersey, USA, on October 20, 1954.


French Saucers

Flying saucers stories originated in the United States, spread to Canada, and have now burst out in France. The French saucer tales have a Gallic quality that adds to their fascination.

For instance, a French farmer claims that he was walking along a lonely road, a creature came up to him, caressed his arms, and made inintelligible noises. Then it moved off in a waiting saucer says the farmer, which could not see because he was blinded and temporarily paralyzed by a green ray directed at him. (Only in France would a creature from outer space caress a man who chanced upon him on a lonely road.)

Then a former artillery observer in France reported he saw a dark-gray object hovering over some mountains at about 6000 feet. As he stopped his car to look, the mass suddenly "shot away like lightning and disappeared". The element of romance is missing here, but not that of wonder.

It's impossible to say that flying saucers don't exist; certainly stories about them appear universal. But so, at one time, did stories of witches and fairies come from all over the world. What is universal today is the jitters. It may be these, along with the fantastic devices assembled by science, that cause people to see things in the sky which exist only in their imaginations.

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