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UFOs in the daily Press:

The Jersey Devil in the 1909 Press:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper The Alexandria Gazette, Alexandria, D.C., USA, page 2, on January 18, 1909.

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The South Jersey Flying Devil has appeared in the neighborhood of Newton, and there are two men ready to vouch for it. They are Charles Robbins; who lives near the village cemetery, and John Eggerton; the Baleville village blacksmith. These two men say they saw the creature at a late hour of the night in a lonely place. A whirring and hissing were the first sounds that they heard, according to Robbins. Then away to the southward they saw a black figure loom against the gray sky. Rapidly the figure grew larger, and then suddenly swooped down with a clatter and flap of the wings, landing in a field not forty yards away from them. Paralyzed with fear, the two men fell to the ground and lay there for some moments. Then, with a sound like a railroad train letting off the air brakes, the thing took flight again, flipping its large batlike wings seemingly with great effort. -- (This aerial nondescript is said to have made its appearance in certain parts of this city several years ago. Its last appearance, according to eyewitnesses, was in the vicinity of Spring Park.)

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