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UFOs in the daily Press:

Martians steal cabbages, France, 1954:

This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Patriote du Sud-Ouest, of Toulouse, France, #2729, October 9-10, 1954, France.


A gardener of our city whose competence on the matter is unanimously recognized was very surprised the other morning to see that cabbages were in his kitchen garden. The fact occuring again, he exerted a discrete guard. He was most surprized tosuddenly see in the sky, weird shapes that approached the ground. No mistake he said, these are flying saucers. Judge of his surprise when these apparatuses landed in his garden and he saw emerging from there odd beings which pushed raw shouts and start to occupy themselves in gatherinh his cabbages. Here are my robbers, he told himself! The "Martians" steal my cabbages. Our friend did not lose his coolness, he clapped in his hands like to frighten sparrows and the group disbanded towards the apparatuses to fly away in the sky. The story having occurred without witness I thus can't guarantee that it is true. But its hero the sympathetic Gaston ensures us that it is perfectly correct. I deliver it for what it is worth.

Note: journalistic inventions were not that rare at that time, written by journalists who found the subject of the Martians and their flying saucers silly. In Alsace in the Sixties, cabbage-stealing aliens will be reported by children. In 1981, the comedy movie "La Soupe aux Choux", by Jean Girault with Louis de Funès and Jean Carmet was shot: an alien visits a farmer and a friendship starts between because the alien immoderately appreciates his cabbage soup.

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