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FOIA declassified documents:

This is a secret document, declassified because of the Freedom Of Information Act.

In preparation of the Robertson Panel, 1952:

When Project Blue Book's head Captain Ruppelt and Major Fournet felt they had some convincing evidence that UFOs do exist, and as Major Fournet and others were now convinced that they are interplanetary, as noted for example in Ruppelt's book, Chapter 16:

According to the laws of normal distribution, if UFO's are not intelligently controlled vehicles, the distribution of reports should have been similar to the distribution of population in the United States - it wasn't. was decided that a scientific panel would examine the data. This would lead to the Durant Report of the Robertson Panel, which concluded that there is no evidence of any real UFOs, and that public interest in UFO should be discouraged by CIA action.


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MEMORANDUM FOR: The Director of Central Intelligence
[Unreadable] Deputy Director (Intelligence)
SUBJECT Unidentified Flying Objects
[Unreadable] Request of the Director of 20 December 1952

1. The following is a summary of the current situation with respect to the investigation of unidentified flying objects. Recent incidents include:

  • a. Movies of ten (10) unidentified flying objects (unexplained on the basis of natural phenomena or known types of aircraft), near Tremonton, Utah on 2 July 1952.
  • b. A very brilliant unidentified light over the coast of Maine for about four hours on the night of 10-11 October at a height computed to be two or three times that which can be sustained by any known device.
  • c. Alleged contact with a device left on the ground in Florida late this summer which left some presently unexplained after-effects.
  • d. Numerous other sightings of lights or objects which either in configuration or performance do not resemble any known aerial vehicle or explainable natural phenomena.

2. In furtherance of the I/C action on 4 December, O/SI has been working with Dr. H.P. Robertson, consultant (former Director of Research, [unreadable] establishing a panel of top scientists and engineers in the fields of astrophysics, nuclear energy, electronics, etc.; to review this situation, [unreadable] cooperation has been secured by DI/USAF and ATIC, and a [unreadable], Dr. Robertson, and Mr. Durant of SI to ATIC is planned for Friday. It is hoped to organize the panel and undertake substantive scientific review of this subject within the next two or three weeks.

Assistant Director
Scientific Intelligence

The scanned document:

FOIA document

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