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This is an internal information document, made public because of the Freedom Of Information Act.

Multiple radar and visuak sightings of two UFOs, U. S. ARMY, Panama, 1958:


To:Air Intelligence
Author:G-2 US Army, Panama
Date:March 18, 1958
Length:1 page
Classification:Unspecified, security information. Declassified by NSA.



Originating Agency Report NO. Page
AC GF S, G-2 USARCARIS IR-4-58 3 of 7

In accordance with Department of the Army Intelligence Collection 200-72B-I, dated 6 August 1957, subject: "Unconventional Aircraft", the following information is submitted:

1. On 10 March 1958, Capt. Harold E. Stahlman, Operations Office, 764th Anti-Aircraft Operations Center (AAOC), Fort Clayton Canal Zone, reported information concerning the sighting of an unidentified flying object. At 2003R, 9 March 1958, Stahlman, as Deputy Defense Commander for Anti-Aircraft Defenses, was notified at his home by the Operations Duty Officer, AAOC, that the AAOC had received a radar report of an unidentified flying object approaching the Pacific side of the Isthmus of Panama. Stahlman arrived at the AAOC at approximately 2008R.

During the radar tracking of the first blip which appeared on the radar screen, two additional blips were observed at 2045R. The first echo was identified as a Chilean Airlines aircraft which landed at Tocumen Airport, Tocumen, Republic of Panama. The two other blips, which were not identified, indicated that the two objects were in the general vicinity of Firt kobbe, Canal Zone. A civilian aircraft in the general vicinity of the objects made a visual search of the area with negative results. The original blips were picked up by Search radar and then transferred to the Track radar Unit located at Flamenco Island, Fort Amador, Canal Zone. This unit was able to lock on the unidentified objects and the following information was obtained:

Number of Objects:Two, approximately one hundred yard apart.
Duration of Radar Observation:2003R, 9 March 1958 to 0208R, 10 March 1958.
Location of Radar:Battery D, 764th AAA Bn, Flamenco Island.
Location of Object:LJ 2853. (Geo-Ref, Military Grid Reference System).
Prevailing weather:Clear, visibility unlimited, no wind reported.
Direction of Flight:Average angle of elevation, 365░, Azimuth, 333 mils.
Manner of Flight:Steady, slight circular path over the vicinity of Fort Kobbe, Canal Zone.
Altitude:Varied from two to ten thousand feet. Average of seven thousand feet.

An attempt was made by members of the Radar Site, Flamenco Island, to observe the objects by searchlights. When the light touched the objects, they traveled from an altitude of two thousand feet to ten thousand feet in five to ten seconds.

The document:

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