UFOS where I live?

I have wondered if there are ufo observation in my own surroundings, Alsace, in France. What are the cases? How many are there? Were they investigated, mentioned in the local or national media? What is the proportion of hoaxes, misinterpretations? Time to start to investigate...


This is a testimony about an old event, who has been sent by the witness to the FRANCE OVNI l'association, who gathers testimonies of ufo observation all across the french territory.


Date:August 1973
Lasting:10 mn
Department:Haut-Rhin (68)
Number of witnesses:Around 20
Number of objects:1
Shape of the object:Cigar
Color:Luminous green, fluorescent


"This evening of at the beginning of August 1973, we were a score of kids playing hide-and-seek, on a large esplanade in front of a building of the Management of the Potash Mines of Alsace, as we often did during the school holidays. The sky was clear, except some remote clouds on the south-eastern horizon. The moon was probably in its last quarter, because the luminosity of the sky was rather important. A very light wind arrived of south-west. We all were hidden and awaited the "wolf" which was to find us, when the kid playing the part of the wolf who had finished the countdown of the time we has to hide, shouted suddenly: "Look over there, in the sky, what it is?" We did not dare to leave our hiding-places immediately, thinking that it was a trick he used to discover us. But by curiosity, we had to look at the sky anyway, in the direction he indicated. And here is what we saw: at 800 meters of our location, there was a head-frame of mine shaft, of 78 meters height. At its right, at approximately 20 degrees, therefore towards the East, we could see a huge cigar of a splendid fluorescent green, quiet, which stood motionless in the sky. All those who were with us saw it there. The oldest among us was almost 20. The object had no wings, no trail, nothing in particular. What astonished us, is precisely that we all were persuaded that no machine could fly and without wings. However, this object did. We discussed the nature of the object during a few minutes and we kept silent, and continued to observe the object. After a few minutes, it leaned slightly on its axe and disappeared slowly behind a curtain from altocumulus which came from south-west and moved south-eastern. And the observation stopped there."

"There is no doubt about the date of the observation (1973), because it was beginning of the next school year, therefore in 1973, luck brought the mobile library van to visit our school (I were then in CM2). Again by chance, I chose the book "The observations of ufos" from authors Lob and Gigi, and we could see, in a page with drawings of the different types of observed ufos, the one we had seen ourselves. I handed the book to all my comrades in the evening, and they all recognized the object. So now I was sure I was not dreaming. A year ago, having told about my experience to my wife, we decided to discreetly question some of the witnesses of the scene and my wife can certify that my account of the event corresponds on every aspect, 26 years later, with those of all the other witnesses she could meet."

Thanks to L.P. for his report.


The same observation, although there is a confusion over the year seems to have been announced by the same witness or another witness on a site French ufologist gathering ufo tesimonies, here is the text:

"Observation of a fluorescent green cigar by about thirty people in the sky of Alsace (France), close to Mulhouse, in August 1973."

Very clear sky, few clouds at the South-East, South-West wind. Température aprox. 22° (Celcius).
No noise.
Starry sky.
Prefect visibility.
Estimation of size and distance: distance 5 to 7 kilometers - Size 100 to 105 meters.
Height over the horizon: 30 à 35°
Relative Size: one thirs of mining tower, at 800m and height 80m.
Objet vertical and stationnary.
Color of object: Luminous green (light stays within the contours of the object)
Time: 10:00pm to 10:30pm
Date: (?) August 1973
Number of witnesses: about 20 people, aged 4 to 20.
Shape: Cigare with clean cut edges.
Meteorological information: light SO wind. Very bright sky. Few cumulus cirro-cumulus clouds SE.

The "cigar" finally disappeared behind the clouds coming from Sout-East after a few minutes, maybe 5 minutes max.

For a more detailed account contact me again please, there is more...
Lucien (Alsace - France)

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