UFOS where I live?

I have wondered if there are ufo observation in my own surroundings, Alsace, in France. What are the cases? How many are there? Were they investigated, mentioned in the local or national media? What is the proportion of hoaxes, misinterpretations? Time to start to investigate...


Location:Oberdorf, départment 68, Haut-Rhin
Date:19 Septembre 1954 09:15pm
Number of witnesses:Unknown
Type:Luminous object, then red round shape
Lasted:At least 40 seconds


M.M. observes an odd gleam, then a dazzling object emerges, slows down and lands East of Tromborn. The UFO which had the size of a small bus, stays stationnary for about forty seconds. The gleam became reddish then the object became animated and took the shape of a red ball and moved away, flattening before disappearing. At Vanderling an electrician, Mr. P. saw an object that he compared to a fluorescent tube.


An article in the national daily newspaper "Le Parisien" was published on September 23, 1954, about this sighting.

On September 19, 1954, at 09:15pm in Oberdorf, a bright light was seen in the Eastern direction, it landed and diminished its luminosity. It stayed on the ground for aproximately 40 seconds. It has the soze of a small bus and a silhouette was seen in front of it. I took off and then had the shape of a red baloon.

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