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The Belgium flap:

On November 29, 1989, in the Eupen area:

3 p.m. - Sighting reported by Mr. L.:

The witness is designated as "Mr. L.", wholesaler of animal feeds.

The report indicates that at 3 p.m. on November 29, 1989, he saw near Surister in the southwest of Jalhay a metallic matt "oval" object.

The object moves parralel to the road where the witness is driving in a truck. It is at a distance of about 200 meters.

The direction the object moves is in the axis of its ovoid shape.

It is said it was 20 meters long and its greatest height was less than 10 meters, it was 150 meters above the ground and moved at a speed of 30 kilometers per hour.


In their second book, SOBEPS says that on November 29, 1989, Mr. George L., animal feeds wholesaler, making his deliveries tour in the area of Jalhay, driving his truck around 3 p.m., went up the coast of Royompré, towards Surister.

Arrived at the small flat part above the village, he was surprised to see through the windshield a huge dark egg-shaped object, which evolved very slowly, "pointed end forward" over the prairies, parallel to the road, but in opposite direction of the path of the truck.

It initially thought he was seeing a kind of "airship", but he had quickly reconsidered this idea because the egg-shaped object had no outer basket or structure, no cabin or propeller.

It was of a dull gray metallic color and did not seem to reflect the sun beams. Mr. L. was very surprised by this object moving so slowly, barely at 30 km.p.h, and so close to the ground, less than 150 meters, which showed no visible means of propulsion.

He said: "It was flying so low that I actually thought it was going to crash on the ground."

Continuing his travel, Mr. L. continued to observe this phenomenon through the right side window of the vehicle until it came out of his field of vision, away to the valley of the Hoëgne in a direction north-east to south-west.

During the investigation, it was found that the length of this flying "egg" was about twenty meters and the height between 8 and 10 meters.

The author points out that unlike other cases investigated in the three months after they occurred, for this case the investigation was conducted a year after the occurrence.

He noted that this is not unimportant, because one can always suspect some "pollution" of the information supplied after the extensive media coverage of the UFO flap in Belgium.

The author finds it difficult to make definitive conclusions from the case file, and wonders whether it is possible at all in ufology to make definitive conclusions.

He noted that comments can still be made. For example, this testimony and those of the same series refers to a dark oval object whose surface seemed sometimes covered of assembled plates, a structure that was visible in Hainaut, but especially in the area of Jalhay where it flew on a north-east/south-west axis in both directions.

He noted that the diurnal nature of this observation and others in the region provided little new information on the observed objects, the structural details are difficult to extract from the testimonies. He comments that this difficulty is in itself an interesting feature, since several witnesses said they were puzzled by the absence of external details.

SOBEPS published a sketch of the observation, to which I added the color of the sky at that time. The road is in gray and SOBEPS represented a line of trees that I placed here in brown:


There is a summary for this observation, published on the web by the Belgian ufologist Godelieve Van Overmeire in her catalog circa 1999, now gone, but much copied by UFO websites and forums. This summary is as follows:

1989, November 29

BELGIUM, Royompré-Surister

At 3 o'clock a witness sees near Surrister an ovoid object of metallic mate color that moves parallel to the road 200 meters away, at an altitude of 150m. It seems to be measuring 20 m in length and have less than 10 m in thickness. Its speed is 30 km.p.h. (VOB 1 - Sobeps 1991)


Map showing the location of Surister relative to Verviers and Eupen:

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