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The Belgium flap:

On November 29, 1989, in the Eupen region:

At about 04:45 p.m. in Beyne-Heusay, Mr. and Mrs. Jean B.:

SOBEPS gives this information:

On November 29, 1989, at 4:45 p.m. in Beyne-Heusay near Liège, Mr. B. had to wait outside, he looked by chance up to the sky and saw a craft with three lights forming a triangle. These headlights emitted light of different colors, blue, white and red. The white was at the front and very intense.

The object was about 100 feet above the ground and moved very slowly to the north-northwest.

It happened about 150 meters from the witness who was surprised not to hear any noise that would come from the object, although its size was larger than a small plane's.

Mr. B. did not pay attention to the contours of the object because he focused on 4 or 5 rectangular windows on the upper part of the machine. He tried to see if there was something behind, but could see only illuminated surfaces.

Mrs. B. came a little later, she did not notice the windows but said that the object was triangular, with rounded corners.

She confirmed the presence of the three colors of lights, the white one was facing down, and the red and blue lights were less intense and appeared located at the sides of the back end, and did not flash, contrary to an airplane's wing tips lights.


In their second book on the Belgian UFO flap, the SOBEPS said it was the observation of a dark object of indeterminate contours equipped with a powerful headlight, shiny white, pointing to the ground, and two colored lights, one red and one blue, at the side ends.

The object was moving very slowly at an altitude of about 100 meters and a distance of about 150 meters from the witnesses, and no sound was perceived.

"M. P." [sic, probably "Mr. B."] could not describe the outline of the object because his attention was completely focused on four or five windows located at the top.


There is a summary for this observation, published on the web by the Belgian ufologist Godelieve Van Overmeire in her catalog circa 1999, now gone, but much copied by UFO websites and forums. This summary is as follows:

1989, November 29

BELGIUM, Beyne Heusay

At approximately 04:45 p.m., Jean B. crossed the street to take his car. While waiting for his wife to join him, he looked at the sky. Thus he saw a dark object of indeterminate contours fitted at the front with a very powerful light directed towards the ground. At the ends of the sides ends two other lights, one blue and one red, were visible. This thing was moving very slowly at an altitude between 100 and 150 meters and moved silently towards the NNW. The wife who had joined her husband in the meantime had her attention focused on a series of 4 or 5 windows in the upper part of the object, she hoped to distinguish silhouettes. (Inforespace N. 84 p. 14)

Source example:

Luminosity of the sky during this sighting:

04:30 p.m.
04:40 p.m. Sunset is at 04:37 p.m.
04:50 p.m.
05:00 p.m.


Above: localization of Beyne-Heusay (red dot) relative to Liège, Verviers and Eupen.


There is a discrepancy between the two sources that are available to me, as to whom from the man or his wife turned their attention to the lit rectangles. There is probably an investigation report in the SOBEPS file that would solve the issue.

It seems difficult to believe that this was a helicopter or a plane, mostly because of the silence. At a distance of 150 meters, a very short distance, an helicopter or airplane would have been heard, even if there was traffic noise.

Also, at that time, the sky was still clear enough to recognize a plane or a helicopter.

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