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A bizarre collection of antics and curious from various attics and cellars of ufologists and other people. Collectors items, or small pieces of the small history of ufology...

An observation in Constantine, Algeria, 1955


(from the newspaper "La Dépêche de Constantine" for September 23, 1955)

MYSTERIOUS CRAFT - Two disc-shaped craft were seen in the sky from our center, at high altitude, by reliable witnesses, using binoculars. After having maneuvered for several minutes, they disappeared at a vertiginous speed, rising vertically in the clouds. One of these discs was silver-colored, the other was streaked with gray stripes.

Communicated by Mr. R Veillith "Les Pins"
Le Chambon sur Lignon (Haute-Loire)

Raymond Veillith, (Raymond Eugene Léopold Veillith, 1920-2009) who typed this note, was later, in 1958, the founder of the Lumières Dans La Nuit magazine. First dealing with almost esoteric or spiritualists topics, the magazine became purely ufological afterwards, and still exists today.

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