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The 1954 French flap:

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Mid October, 1954, Noyeux, Calvados:

Reference number for this case: Mid-Oct-54-Noyeux. Thank you for including this reference number in any correspondence with me regarding this case.


The newspaper Le Bien Public of Dijon reported on October 20, 1954 a news item that came from Lisieux in the Calvados, telling that several people had run across the fields at Noyeux, towards a flying saucer surrounded by black and white smoke that had been reported to them by a child.

One of the running people, a farmer, Mr. Filate, constantly looking up from the sky, had fallen into a deep pond where he almost drowned, but his companions managed to save him.



WHY 1954?

The French flap of 1954 is today more than controversial.

Thus, A.D.R.U.P. wanted to make a compilation of all the documents published in a Burgundy daily newspaper:

"Le Bien Public".

The interest of this catalogue is triple:

  • A- to get back in the mood of that too famous year -
  • B- recall all the testimonies that appeared in the local press, whether they are good or bad. -
  • C- to be used as references for potential researchers of sociological or UFO character.

[... Other cases...]


Lisieux - Several people were running across the fields in Noyeux, towards a flying saucer, surrounded by white and black smoke, which had been reported to them by a child. One of them, a farmer, Mr. Filate, did not stop looking at the sky; he fell into a deep pond where he could have drowned. His companions managed to save him.


The press had no reluctance, at the time, to publish "funny" stories of this type, on the contrary.

But is it authentic or invented? I did not found near Lisieux any commune named "Noyeux" or something similar like "Moyeux" or "Noyaux". Was it Bayeux, or is this a clue that the story was made up by a journalist?

I looked for the potential frequency of the "Filate" family name - when stories are invented, names that do not exist are often used to avoid embarrassing anyone. Well, the specialized website - below - reports only 4 people born in France between 1891 and 1990 bearing this name...

So I think there is a good chance that all this is the invention of a journalist "in need of material", as one said then.

Otherwise, anyway, this is not a case that would be a good example of extraterrestrial visits...


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Noyeux, Calvados, child, saucer, smoke, black, white, accident, Filate


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