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Mid October, 1954, Fienvillers, Somme:

Reference for this case: Mid-Oct-54-Fienvillers.
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The local newspaper Le Journal de Doullens reported on October 23, 1954, among other observations, that a farmer from Fienvillers told them that she has seen "an elongated, very brilliant object descending and going up vertically."





Last week, Thursday, around 5 p.m., MM. Maurice Niquet, 17, farmer; Georges Percheval, 33, agricultural worker; and Emile Oncle, 55, a farmer, were in the fields at Hardinval, near Doullens.

They were busy grubbing up the beets, when their attention was drawn to a brilliant craft, located in the sky at a great height, vertically above the hamlet of Hardinval, south of the national road Abbeville-Doullens.

The spherical craft, with a diameter of about 10 meters, emitted gleams of all colors which were reflected towards the ground and on the two horses led by Mr. Niquet; the horses got scared and had to be untied in a hurry and held by the bridle.

The craft descended gently; on the descent, the gyration of the craft stopped. The saucer came to a stop some 30 meters from the ground, and 200 meters from the place where Mr. Percheval was. Colored jets of steam came out of the craft and lit the ground. The ball remained motionless for ten minutes, then spun and jumped straight into the sky.

Even more amazing spectacle than the one noticed by Mr. and Mrs. Dumeige, cattle brokers, in Domart-en-Ponthieu, and Mr. Lourdel, also a livestock broker, in Condé-Folie. These people saw a bright saucer landing in a flagpole, not far from the road where they were.

Mr. and Mme Dumeige and Mr. Lourdel got out of their vehicles and saw six or seven little beings near the light, advancing in single line. The three Earthmen were so frightened that they got back in the car and left the place as quickly as possible.

A Fienvillers farmer also told us that when she was in the fields, she saw an elongated, very shiny object descending and going up vertically.

She did not believe in it either and yet when one sees these mysterious craft one has to face the facts, added this cultivator.


So we just hear about saucers every day.

Will we finally be able to discover the secrets of these mysterious craft?



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