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The 1954 French flap:

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Autumn, 1954?, Bourdons-sur-Rognon, Haute-Marne:

Reference number for this case: Fall-54-Bourdons-sur-Rognon. Thank you for including this reference number in any correspondence with me regarding this case.



The author indicates that there was a close encounter of the third kind at the approximate date "autumn 1954" at the end of the morning between Bourdons-sur-Rognon and Consigny, in the Haute-Marne:

Pierre Mercier, workman, went to his mother by bicycle when suddenly he saw at approximately 50 meters from the road on the left, an object in the shape of a cigar which was posed in a meadow at the edge of a wood.

The object was white and big.

At the same time he also saw close to this object three "small men" of a size between 90 cm and 1 meter in height.

One of them seemed "to trail a rope posed on the ground".

That had lasted only a few second as "the craft" suddenly went away at a vertiginous speed; the witness was not able to say more on the departure of the machine and the creatures.

Julien Gonzalez indicates that the witness died in 1999 and that his report was heard by an investigator only in 1988. The witness had not been able to give a precise date for his observation, saying that that it had taken place at the time when everyone spoke about such things.

The source is indicated as Lumières Dans La Nuit #371, pages 8 and 10, investigation of Fabrice Curlier.

[Ref. jmd1:] JOEL MESNARD:

Recalling that the case was published in LDLN 371, the author publishes a sketch for this observation.


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