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The 1954 French flap:

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Fall 1954?, Bézancourt, Seine-Maritime:

Reference number for this case: Fall-54-Bézancourt. Thank you for including this reference number in any correspondence with me regarding this case.


[Ref. 1] :

An article titled "The Charles case" written by Gerard Deforge from documentation provided by Georges Metz and "Charles P." is presented as a non-exhaustive compilation of repetitive experiences of Charles P. "in the field of the paranormal" on which he wants to keep some discretion, and his UFO sightings.

The information is said to come "from articles in LDLN".

Charles P. is presented as a man "that can be classified definitely in the category of the 'contactees'" aged about sixty years with which "I [Georges Metz?] Share a sincere although recent friendship". His "experiences"; which occurred throughout his life are presented, the first being titled "1954, probably" and apparently written from memory by the witness on February 28, 2006.

He says:

At age 7 or 8, in Bézancourt in the hamlet of La Héronde in 1976, took place his first "ufology memory" when one autumn evening at nightfall, he was playing in the swing with one of his classmates, Joel C. who must have been one year older.

The two children were at the grandparents of "Joêl C.", both had been raised by their grandparents, Charles P. making a not that this seems many "witnesses" were raised outside their natural family, or had a particularly disturbed childhood educational environment.

Above the plain in front of them, they saw "this beautiful thing: THE CHARIOT OF FIRE" - today he calls a cigar, but for him it will always be "the chariot of fire": it was oblong.

This "cigar" was very bright, very beautiful, like if it was in a "fire." It was quite low, at an altitude of about 200 / 250m. It stayed at a constant distance of the children, it advanced by irregular movements, it was stationed in the sky and the children felt observed.

They stopped playing and were "eyes glued to this beautiful thing. When it moed, a large spray of fire was coming out of the back, lots of sparks."

"The 'cigar' stopped, yes I mean STOPPED several times and left many times with the same phenomenon, it spat Fire when traveling. I remember: the sky was clear and it was pretty cool. I still see myself in the swing that day I'll remember all my life, it was beautiful."

"The thing was long, very long, the length of the big finger at arm length maybe."

"After a long time, several minutes 15/20 maybe the thing left at lightning speed in a large sheaf of FIRE."

On returning home, he talked to his grandfather who told him, "that's the Russians bullshitting again", a response he remembers verbatim without knowing why. For him the matter was closed, though he "always thought about this observation."

He said he was born in 1946, and that it therefore had to happen in 1954 during the UFO wave when people started to talk of "Martians".

In 1976, he saw the "burning bush"... "300 or 400 m of the craft, paralysis sensation came over me, and the more I approached the more I was petrified. Cannot say a word to my passenger. Unable to move, even the little finger..." "Passing in front of this thing, I had a thought, besides, it was not a thought, it was a voice that spoke to me mentally and emphatically: "these are aliens."

"My hands were on the wheel, like glued, impossible to slow down or speed up."

In 1984, he wanted to find Joêl C. but the latter "committed suicide with a gun, he is buried in Songeons (the Oise)."

On April 4, 1986, his now deceased wife had called him because she saw a flying saucer facing the bay window of their apartment in Forges les Eaux.

One morning in 1996, he found a round stone in a tuya in his garden, it will be analyzed by a "European Union Researchers for the Right to Know"; hence:

"The European Union Researchers for the Right to Know has indeed received your letter of July 24, accompanied by a plastic box, the interior contained a rounded stone of ivory hue (emphasis GD) that fell in your garden. This stone, under scrutiny conceals easy marks engraved crescent shaped or double, like two bird wings. The border is dotted with a yellowish crust, which when scratched, gives the obtained powder, recalling effluvium inside an electric motor chamber. This stone, about the size of an agate, is not common, it is exceedingly polite, like an ancient object that has endured centuries. Another feature, we asked our photographer to make some magnified shots to try to decipher the symbolism if possible, if it exists."

In 1996 he went "to Dany Dan, accompanied by Commandant J. G., to do a hypnotic regression." Hence among others: "The being who welcomed me into the light was gloomy, rather dark, like he was dressed in a suit, from head to foot he was of human proportion, arms, legs, body, but I could not see its members, hands... etc., because of this suit. I remember legs, but not feet. Besides, I did not look at his feet, but I looked at him in the face, I had no fear. The head seemed of normal proportion, except that the ears were big. They came up about to the skull vertex, they were thin and pointed, black like the body, as if the suit had ears."

One morning in the spring of 1995, brushing his teeth, he felt a tingle on the tongue. To his amazement, he saw a hole in the back of his tongue, a healed wound, as if done by cauterization like on animals. [Etc...]


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