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The 1954 French flap:

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Summer 1954, Saint-Just-Malmont, Haute-Loire:

Reference number for this case: Summer-54-Saint-Just-Malmont. Thank you for including this reference number in any correspondence with me regarding this case.



These ufologists and authors indicate that during the summer of 1954, in Saint-Just-Malmont in the Haute-Loire, at about 10:00 P.M., a couple of motorists who arrived close to Saint-Just saw an enormous luminous ball, motionless in the middle of a field. They provide the following account:

"My husband stopped our car. We got out for better observing it. But suddenly, this enormous and dazzling ball advanced in our direction. I was afraid and I hid myself in the car begging my husband to also come back and to start as quickly as possible. But before we can leave, this ball had taken height and disappeared at a vertiginous speed. I will always remember the fear that I experience that day there!"

The authors indicate as source the magazine Lumières Dans La Nuit for December 1968.


The two ufologists indicate that in the summer of 1954 to 22:00, a man and his wife arrived by car near Saint-Just-of-Malmont when they saw in the middle of a field an enormous dazzling luminous ball. The authors quote:

"My husband stopped the car. We went out in order to better observe it, but suddenly, this enormous and dazzling ball advanced in our direction. I was afraid, I fled in the car begging my husband to start as soon as possible, but before we could leave, this ball had taken altitude and had disappeared at a vertiginous speed."

They indicate that the case comes from a woman resident of Saint-Etienne who wrote to the ufology magazine Lumières Dans La Nuit (LDLN), France, in #97 page 12, and from the book by Garreau and Lavier.

[Ref. lc1:] LUC CHASTAN:

Luc Chastan indicates that in the Haute Loire in St Just de Malmont in 1954 at 22:00 hours "During the summer, a couple in a car sees an enormous luminous and dazzling ball in fields. The driver stops the car, and the two witnesses get out of the vehicle. Suddenly the ball moves in their direction. Then the woman is frightened, goes up in the car, begs her husband to go away. Even before they can start again, the ball takes height and disapears at vertiginous speed."

The source is indicated as comme "Ovni, Premier dossier complet... par Figuet M./ Ruchon J.L. ** éd. Alain Lefeuvre 1979".

[Ref. ud1:] "UFODNA" WEBSITE:

The website indicates that on 1 August 1954 at 22:00 in St Just De Malmont, France, "Ball of light descends in field. Approaches two in car. They leave, UFO shoots up vertically." And: "An object was observed. It departed by rapidly flying straight up until lost to sight. One ball was observed in a field or over one minute."

The sources are given as Lumieres dans la Nuit, Lumieres dans la Nuit; Hatch, Larry, *U* computer database, Author, Redwood City, 2002.


The author indicates that during the summer of 1954 in the town of Saint-Just-Malmont in the Haute-Loire, a couple of motorists faced a "bluish luminous ball" which remained for long minutes in front of them and then disappeared in the woods.


The date "1 August" given in [ud1] is invented; the primary source only says it was in the Summer. The place name is "Saint-Just-Malmont", not "Saint Just de Malmont".


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Saint-Just-Malmont, Haute-Loire, anonymous, night, luminous, ball, field, road, car, couple, huge, dazzling, fast, motionless, ascending


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