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The 1954 French flap:

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Eend September 1954, Mouthe, Doubs:

Reference number for this case: End-Sep-54-Mouthe. Thank you for including this reference number in any correspondence with me regarding this case.


[Ref. jt1:] JEAN TYRODE:

Ufologist Jean Tyrode reports about an observation in direction of Mouthe From Chapelle-des-Bois in the department of the Doubs, at the end of September 1954 at approximately 9 P.M.

He notes that there were many witnesses: Mrs. E Pagnier, Miss Y. David, Mr. Cordier, Mrs. J. Poux and several members of her family.

In the course of the autumn of 1954, the Poux family had decided the construction of a shack. "It was completed at this time, and they put the finishing touch, "raising the tiles." In the Haut-Doubs, this is an event of importance where everyone takes at heart to come to give "a hand" to the neighbor, and all this ends in "the watering of the bouquet," always a quite snuffed event. Young guys and girls also run to help, and especially to meet and dance a little. Thus, there was crowd that evening at the Poux house."

At about 21:00, a strong gleam appeared at the summit of the Risoux, on the side of Vallorbe, which attracted the eyes of all those who were outside. Then at once, an enormous dull red ball made itself seen above the border and went away above the valley.

The object had appeared red very dull to the first witnesses; in fact that was perhaps due to the moonbeams which lit it, because when the object passed face to them, everyone was able to notice that it was a black sphere, at least very dark and nonluminous. Its apparent diameter was that of the large moon, and behind the object, at its top and at its bottom, something like two tails were noticed, two short and slightly luminous trails.

The object crossed the sky rather quickly, like a plane at low altitude, without noise, seemed to go across Secondary Road 46 quite perpendicularly, passed above the wood at the north-east of the village and continued its trajectory in straight line, to be lost at the horizon.


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