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The 1954 French flap:

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November 5, 1954, Fultot, Seine-Maritime:

Reference number for this case: 5-Nov-54-Fultot. Thank you for including this reference number in any correspondence with me regarding this case.




Is it a saucer or a cigar?

Doudeville had not been favored yet by the sight of luminous phenomena in its sky like frequently reported for a certain time.

Friday morning, at 5:30, Mr. Jules Legras, marshal-shoeing, street of the school in Doudeville, and Mr. Maurice Viel, haymaker in Harcanville, were in front of their respective residence, when their glances were attracted by a luminous phenomenon, actually a trail of fire color appearing located in the direction of Yvetot. This trail, according to the statements by Mr. Legras, appeared to him a six meters long approximately; it was slightly in oblique, having the shape of a lengthened cigar. The appearance lasted only a few seconds and Mr. Viel whose visual field was more extended, saw a ball of fire then rise suddenly vertically before disappearing definitively; 2 minutes later, a deaf noise similar to a cannon shot was heard by the two people.

In addition, we learned that Mr. Grieu, linen manufacturer in Doudeville, domiciled in Fultot, has, at the same time, seen from his home a ball of fire which he located above Doudeville, with a trail of light similar to cars headlights, which swept his bedroom. It was impossible for the interested parties to define exactly the nature of this craft which seems to have a certain analogy with those already reported in the area. The interested parties agree to say that it is not a shooting star, nor a bolide. Would this be what one usually calls a saucer or a flying cigar? It is allowed to suppose it is.

Doudeville too, had its secret phenomenon.


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Fultot, Seine-Maritime, Grieu, ball, fire, Doudeville, trail, light, headlights


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