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The 1954 French flap:

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September 27, 1954, Savigny, Rhône:

Reference number for this case: 27-Sep-54-Savigny. Thank you for including this reference number in any correspondence with me regarding this case.



Carrousel of "saucers" in the sky of Dauphiné

LYON. -- In the departments of the Rhone, Isère, Drôme and Savoy, many people claim to have seen, these last days, with more or less clarity, craft having either the shape of cigars, or those of discs.

In the area of Arbresle, one of these witnesses, director of a music-hall, stated to have filmed one of these mysterious apparatuses which evolved at a height estimated by him as of approximately 700 meters. One will thus know, after development of the footage, if it was or was not an optical illusion.

Close to Feyzin (the Isère) a young man is said to have seen in the countryside, not far from the ground, a machine having the shape of a dome from where spouted out a very sharp light. The witness had compared it with that caused by the combustion of magnesium. The craft, suddenly, went up vertically while leaving a shower of sparks and disappeared.

Inhabitants of Chabeuil stated to have seen a flying saucer evolving above the countryside.

Lastly, in Savoy, close to the lake of Le Bourget, above Mount Revard, several motorists, on the whole about fifteen people, simultaneously saw an apparatus having the shape of a disc, that evolved during approximately four minutes, to then disappear suddenly.

One of the witnesses, a doctor of Chambéry, is a former artillery observer. He carefully wrote up the observations and drew a diagram reproducing the travel of the mysterious apparatus.

The drivers gets ill

REDON (Ille-et-Vilaine). -- Misters Gérard, mechanic, and Paroux, driver, who operated a wildcat engine coming from Nantes, saw, whereas they passed at the locality "La Butte Rouge", community of Saint-Nicolas-de-Besson (Ille-et-Vilaine), a machine which rose from the nearby marshes.

This craft, of a certain length, which was followed of a luminous trail, flew during ten second above the machine and disappeared in the sky.

While the mechanic preserved all his calm, the driver, on the other hand, was so frightened that he fell sick and had to pass a medical examination yesterday morning.


LA HAYE. -- The aerial phenomena which currently appears above Europe did not fail to visit the Netherlands.

Among the recently reported testimonies on the passage of flying saucers above the Dutch territory, it is necessary to quote that of a citizen of Schiedam (an important center of juniper production) which claimed to have seen a rather large object, circular and luminous, moving towards the west. Its fiancée who accompanied it corroborated his statements.

Less recent but more impressive, is the account of the captain of "Grote Beer" Mr J.-P. Boshoff, of the Holland - United States line.

The object detected on the open sea and observed by himself and his five officers using all the optical equipment on board, was the "size of a half-moon" and also circular and luminous.

The captain adamantly excluded the possibility that it can be a weather balloon.

Initially motionless, the disc, after a few moments, moved towards the west to disappear behind the clouds at an altitude of approximately 14.000 meters.



DATE: 27 September 1954 (approximate day)
LOCATION: Savigny, Rhone department France)

EXPLANATION: Not available

REFERENCES: Italian newspapers: Il Mattino (Naples) and Corriere di Sicilia (Catania), September 29, 1954, Giornale di Trieste (Trieste), Giornale del Mattino (Florence) and La Nazione Italiana, September 30, 1954, Il Gazzettino (Trento) and Il Mattino, October 1, 1954, and Milano Sera (Milano), October 1-2, 1954. Harold T. Wilkins, Flying Saucers Uncensored (The Citadel Press, 1955), pages 229-230. Donald Johnson's UFOCAT.


[Ref. ub1:] "UFO-DATENBANK":

This database recorded this case twice:

Case Nr. New case Nr. Investigator Date of observation Zip Place of observation Country of observation Hour of observation Classification Comments Identification
19540927 27.09.1954 Savigny France



Date: 27 September 1954 (approximate date)
Time: Daytime
Location: Savigny, Rhône (France)
Format: Movie
Photographer: René Válery
Explanation: Not available

References: L'Ardennais, September 30, 1954, page 1, in Renaud Leclet, Les Mystères de L’Est, 8, 2003, page 48. Italian newspaper Corriere Lombardo (Milano), October 9-10, 1954, page 6. Harold T. Wilkins, Flying Saucers Uncensored (Citadel, New York, 1955), pages 229-230. Loren Gross, UFOs: A History. 1954: September (Fremont, California, 1991), page 77. Giuseppe Stilo, Il quinto cavaliere dell’Apocalisse (UPIAR, Milano, 2006), page 111.

Remarks: Nil


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