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The 1954 French flap:

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September 27, 1954, Fécamp, Seine-Maritime:

Reference for this case: 27-Sep-54-Fécamp.
Please cite this reference in any correspondence with me regarding this case.


The local newspaper Le Courrier Cauchois for October 4, 1954 indicated that "Monday evening", towards Fécamp, a resident close to the sea said he saw a red disk moving over Yport. The watchman of the semaphore was alerted and prepared his telescopes, but to no avail.




Flying saucers were seen Monday and Tuesday

By twice and at twenty-four hours of interval one saw, from Fécamp, mysterious machines moving in the sky.

Monday evening, first of all, one of our fellow-citizens of the vicinity of the sea stated to have seen a red disc moving above Yport. The watchman of the alerted semaphore prepared his telescopes, but vainly.

The next day evening, however, another resident of Fecamp absolutely worthy of faith, since it is Mr. Alexandre Dubar, director of the Engineering Departments of the city, took some fresh air at the edge of the beach when he saw, in the direction of the North-West two luminous points, of ovoid shape moving vertically. Thereafter, several of our fellow-citizens were to make the same observation.

As it cannot be a collective visual error, it should well be supposed that there is something mysterious in the air.

[Ref. cnk1:] "CLESIUS NEOFOLK":

THE UAP of a resident of Fécamp, September 27, 1954, Yport, evening:

A resident of Fécamp observes from the beach a red disk moving slowly above Yport.



Totally insufficient information.

It is not clear whether the witness was in Fécamp or elsewhere; if he was there, Yport is 5 km from Fécamp in the West-South-West direction.

It so happens that in that evening, planet Mars was in the South at 14° of elevation about 8 p.m., going Southwest, being at 210°, elevation 9° 7 at 10 p.m...


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