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The 1954 French flap:

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October 27, 1954, Vichy, Allier:

Reference number for this case: 27-Oct-54-Vichy. Thank you for including this reference number in any correspondence with me regarding this case.



A strange craft has been observed by a scooterist of Vichy

Vichy. -- The flying saucers, always on the agenda, still come to appear in the regional chronicle as, Wednesday evening, around 9 p.m., a nonidentifiable craft was observed in the sky of the bourbonnais between Effiat and Plozut.

An insurance salesman living in the suburbs of Vichy, who wishes to remain anonymous, coming back from Clermont-Ferrand, travelled by scooter towards Vichy, when, around 9 p.m., he saw in a field within 40 meters on his left, a strange object having the shape of an egg rising gently and without noise.

The craft left behind itself a brilliant and yellowish trail with three greenish points.

According to this worthy of faith witness' statements, at the time when he approached the craft, the headlight of his scooter extinguished and the engine started to misfire before stalling short. It was only after the disappearance of the craft in the direction of the north, towards Moulins, that the insurance salesman managed to restart his engine and resume his travel.


A "craft" in the sky of Vichy

VICHY. -- Returning by Vespa from Clermont-Ferrand, one of our fellow-citizens, Mr. Jean Lalle, aged 25, living street of the Sport in Vichy, saw at 09:15 p.m. on the road from Effiat to Vichy, at little distance from the milestone marking the limit between the departments of Allier and Puy-de-Dôme, a craft rise vertically and without any noise. It appeared to take off from a meadow at about fifty meters from the road; it was lit and, curious detail, the engine of the scooter of Mr. Lalle stopped when the lights of the craft ignited.

After having taken altitude, the machine extinguished its fires and disappeared in the black night.

Having been able after the departure of the craft to restart the engine of his scooter without any difficulty, Mr. Lalle resumed his travel to Vichy and on his arrival went to make his disovery filed at the police station to the inspector in duty.

Mr. Lalle who is a balanced boy judges that he was not victim of an hallucination. For more peace of mind, he went yesterday morning to travel the same trip: his Vespa did not even stop despite he had a passenger on the back seat. Mr. Lalle easily found the place of takeoff of the mysterious apparatus but did not find traces. He also interrogated the owners of a nearby farm: those did not see anything, and due, as they were in bed at this late hour (for the countryside).



CLERMONT-FERRAND. -- Mr. Jean Lasse [Jean Lalle], from Vichy, went to the police station of the city and made the following account:

- I was returning by scooter from Clermont-Ferrand when my engine had unexplainable failures. I then retrogressed, thinking of a bad carburation. But the engine stopped short. At this time, a yellow gleam left the trees of the very close forest, then became red and an ovoid machine rose silently, leaving behind him three green points; and all disappeared. Without any intervention, my engine started again.

The young man, who is well balanced, affirms not to have been victim of an hallucination. One wonders however how his engine could restart, without him actuating [remainder is missing]


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