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The 1954 French flap:

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January 26, 1954, Til-Chatel, Côte-d'Or:

Reference number for this case: 26-Jan-54-Til-Chatel. Thank you for including this reference number in any correspondence with me regarding this case.


Sci-fi writer and pioneering ufologist in France Jimmy Guieu indicated in his late 1954 book on flying saucers, that on January 26, 1954, in the sky of the Dijon area, around 04:50 a.m., a luminous object, orange, lengthened, followed by a luminous trail had appeared.

Among the witnesses, he said, was Mr. Monnet, of Tilchatel, who was riding a bicycle and had been blinded at the passage of the object.

Guieu like others later did not relize that it was the meteor that had passed over the Côte-d'Or and the Vosges that day.


[Ref. jg1:] JIMMY GUIEU:

Science-fiction writer and pioneer ufologist in France Jimmy Guieu indicates that on January 26, 1954 in the sky around Dijon, at approximately 04:50 of the morning, a luminous, orange, elongated object, followed by a luminous trail, appeared.

Among the witnesses, he says, Mr. Monnet, of Tilchatel, riding his bicycle, was blinded when the object passed.


54 01 26 / DIJON / 4H50 / NL / P /

Around 4:50, several people saw in the sky a lightning trail that moved noiselessly over the city.

Duration: a few seconds and low altitude. Observed in numerous places in the Côte d'Or: Pontailler, Saulon la Chapelle, Til Châtel, St Maurice sur Vingeanne and Nuits st Georges.

(Source: Alerte dans le ciel, Ch. Garreau, p. 104 to 106, Bien Public, 1/27/54)

[Ref. lc1:] LUC CHASTAN:

Luc Chastan indicates that in the "Côte d'or" in Til Châtel on January 26, 1954 at 04:50 hours, "The witness who circulated by bicycle was blinded by an object in the shape of orange cigar. He climbs off his bicycle he then hears a whistling sound and feels a big heat."

The sources are indicated as"Les soucoupes volantes viennent d'un autre monde by Guieu Jimmy ** Fleuve Noir 1954" and "Alerte dans le ciel by Garreau Charles ** Alain Lefeuvre 1981".


The meteor of January 26, 1954, at 04:50.


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Til-Chatel, Côte-d'Or, Tilchatel, Monnet, bicycle, luminous, whisting, sound, heat


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