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The 1954 French flap:

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October 21, 1954, Lagny, Oise:

Reference number for this case: 21-Oct-54-Lagny. Thank you for including this reference number in any correspondence with me regarding this case.


The Press of the time had evoked a "craft" seen in the sky of the Melun region on October 21, 1954, in the evening. One of the mentioned observation places was Lagny.



In the sky of Ile-de-France

A luminous craft said to have evolved at 10.000 km. hour

Melun. -- A very large number of witnesses, inhabitants of the communities of the areas of Bray-sur-Seine, Lagny, Moret, Thomery stated to have seen, at the fallen night, a strange phenomenon: a craft of oval form, yellow orange color, measuring more than 20 meters, at 300 or 400 meters altitude. Precision: The 20 meters are said to be the real measurement of the object and not its dimension such as it appeared to them.

The machine remained motionless during a certain time and disappeared at a vertiginous speed.

One of the witnesses, Mr. André L..., weather specialist, who lives in Thomery, estimates that the speed of the machine was approximately 10.000 kilometer-hour. Quite simply!

Mr. L... specified: "I am absolutely certain, for I know this question well, that it was neither a plane, nor of a weather-balloon."

In Melun directly, several girls leaving an evening course claim to have seen in the sky a machine that was more or less similar, which, after having stopped during ten minutes, had risen very quickly in the sky.

Meanwhile, a luminous ball resembling a headlight of a car is said to have appeared, six times, to two industrialists of Melun who circulated on the national road Melun-Rubelles. The appearance of this luminous source is said to have caused each time a very broad flash illuminating the area.

Finally, several horse riders of center of a horsing center of La Rochelle claim to have seen a character fleeing from their park.

"He was strange, they say. It could only have been a Martian."


4234: 1954/10/21 19:00 2 3:14:00 E 48:26:00 N 3332 WEU FRN S&M 6:A


Ref#138 GROSS,L.:UFOs a HISTORY-1954/10 bks Book # 9 Page 71 : RESIDENT'L


Probable meteor.


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Lagny, Oise,


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