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The 1954 French flap:

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October 19, 1954, Doullens, Somme:

Reference number for this case: 19-Oct-54-Doullens. Thank you for including this reference number in any correspondence with me regarding this case.


[Ref. fa1:] THE FRENCH ARMY:

Witness of observation:A. Marcel, sergent SMR 20/911 Doullens-Somme.
Location of observation:hillock of the radar tracking station, observed from the site of the sentinel cabin.
Date:October 18, 1954 at 01:34.
Direction of arrival:south-est Mondicourt.
Direction of departure:north-east, then full east.
Duration of appearance:2 minutes 15 s.
Angular elevation above the horizon:060° to 045°.
Value of angular displacement related to time:1st stap 090 in a half second, 2nd step motionless, 3rd step 015 in 30 s.
Apparent size:coin of 5 F [approx 3 cm] seen at arm's length.
Luminosity compared to the moon:opaque.
Colors:gree, then orange, yellow.
Trail or wake:None.
Circumstances and sky characteristics at the time of observation:dark night with no stars.
Clouds:medium hight dense layer.
Wind:Western direction.
Other witness:Private G. Guy of SMR 20/911.

Seargent A. Marcel of SMR 20/911 to lieutenant-colonel commanding SMR 20/911.

Object: Report of mysterious celestial object.

I have the honor to account to you the following facts:

Chief of post at the radar tracking station in the night of October 19, 1954, I was the witness of the appearance of a luminous phenomenon in the following circumstances:

Between 1:30 and 1:40 local time, the deputy chief of station, corporal Chief L., called by the sentinel, came to seek me, requiring from me to note the presence of a strange craft. I go there and, indeed, note the presence of this craft that has the shape of a disc which, after having crossed a layer of continuous stratocumuli, low of approximately 1 000 meters, was stabilized at the vertical of the village of Bellevue (Pas-de-Calais).

I estimated its altitude during its stabilization as of 800 meters approximately, emitting a pale green light. It presented to me its lower face without emission of light radiation.

I tried to determine the relief, but the zone of shade resulting from the light on the black bottom of the sky did not allow it.

After having oscillated during 2 minutes approximately above Bellevue while changing color at regular intervals, this disc made 90° to the right compared to its initial path, took the direction east at a speed which I cannot evaluate, but definitely higher than 1 000 km/h, disappeared in the clouds, returned in sight during a few seconds, then disappeared definitively from my field of vision.

I insist on the fact that this appearance did not give the impression of blur but was detached very clearly on the clouds layer.

Four sentinels that were present noted the facts and were unanimous to recognize the strangeness of the thing.

The colors observed are, respectively: green, orange and yellow, with a tendency to remain longer with the green. The period of each color was approximately 5 s. Initially, the disc came out of the vapour cloud on the national road of Doullens-Arras, above Mondicourt (Pas-de-Calais) at an extremely fast speed and stopped short, seeming not to be subjected to the laws of inertia above Bellevue.

Signed sergent A. Marcel SMR 20/911.

Private G. Guy of SMR 20/911 to the security officer of SMR 20/911.

Object: report on guard duty.

I have the honor to account for the following facts:

Whereas I was on duty of guard on October 19, 1954, towards 01:40, I saw a disc come through the cloudy ceiling at approximately 4 km of me in the west of the station. This green luminous disc moved at the speed of a shooting star towards the east, not leaving any trail and without any noise. During its displacement, I saw this disc very distinctly change color from green to orange then matt red. This disc stabilized at approximately 7 to 8 km from me but did not remain fixed. It followed vertical and horizontal axes and changed color regularly. These various colors did not project any luminous reflection but were always with a greenish background. It is at this time of stabilization that I called the chief of station, the deputy chief of station, who came out and noted this fact at the same time as I during approximately 3 minutes; then this disc disappeared above the clouds during 30 s and reappeared at the same altitude of 700 to 800 m, during 2 more minutes, and disappeared.

Signed private G. Guy.


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