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The 1954 French flap:

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Date inconnue, 1954?, lieu inconnue, département inconnu:

Reference number for this case: 54-Radar01. Thank you for including this reference number in any correspondence with me regarding this case.


[Ref. ra1:] MAGAZINE "RADAR":


Weekly magazine "Radar", at the time of the 1954 French saucer flap, started a first contest offering a million old francs to whoever would deliver a Martian to them. The magazine then launched a similar contest to reward any authentic photograph of a flying saucer:

On February 14, 1965, the ORTF showed a television documentary about the flying saucers, during which fragments of the Radar article appeared. I have neither the entire radar article nor his date of publication.

The image shown in [ra1] appeared in this magazine among others, none being accepted as "authentic".

I do not have any other information, and it is not entirely certain that the image was said to have been taken in France and in 1954. However I can note that the shape of the alleged craft hardly resembles descriptions of the time of the saucers, "cigars" and others, but more resembles projects of the French Air Force which would result in the Coléoptère years later. Although none of these projects were in the air at the time, newspapers in October 1954 had presented these as being perhaps the explanation of the reported flying saucers and cigars, and it may be that this photograph was a forgery manufactured by a clever chap who would have taken as a starting point such a "solution", perhaps guessing that if the saucers then indeed proved to be these craft, his photograph could win him the "Radar's million.

However, it is to note that it si very similar or identical to this other or same photograph.


Not looked for yet. Hoax, perhaps inspired on the French circular-wing aircraft projects shown in the Press of that time.


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Photograph, cigar, annular wing, Coléoptère


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